Councillors & Responsibilities


Gordon Harrold (Chairman) - 01621 772315

Cathy Mische (Vice Chair) 

Meinir Wyn Davies - 01621 929253

Ron Pratt - 07860913912

Adrian Fluker 01621 778080

John Cleary

Michelle McKee

Phil Wilcox




Adrian Fluker - 01621 778080

Ron Pratt - 07860913912


Wendy Stamp  

Member of Parliament

John Whittingdale - 020 7219 3557 (


Parish Councillor Responsibilities

Allotment Committee:                        Cllr Fluker & Cllr Harrold

Audit Committee:                               Cllr Cleary, Cllr Fluker, Cllr Harrold & Cllr Pratt

Cheque Signatories:                          Cllr Fluker, Cllr Harrold, Cllr Mische, & Cllr Pratt

D. H. G. P. C:                                     Cllrs Harrold, Cllr McKee & Cllr Mische

Emergency Committee:                     All Councillors subject to policy

Footpaths & PROW:                          Mr K Neale

F.O.S.C.O.S:                                      Cllrs Fluker 

Henry Gilder Drake Trust                   Cllr Pratt

K.G.V.M.F. Committee/

Strategic Development Committee    Cllr Cleary, Cllr Harrold, Cllr Pratt & Cllr Wilcox

Memorial Hall:                                   Cllr Mische & Cllr Wyn-Davies

Employee Committee                        Cllr Cleary, Cllr Fluker & Cllr Harrold

Grievance and discipline                 Allocated when necessary

Public Transport:                              Cllr Harrold.

Events Committee                            Cllr Cleary, Cllr Fluker, Cllr Harrold, Cllr McKee, Cllr Mische, Cllr Wilcox & Cllr Wyn Davies