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Sev is trained as a qualified Trainer and Consultant and is able to work uniquely with clients and groups of people providing them with strategies and techniques to resolve their difficulties and channel their lives by promoting good feelings, self-esteem and confidence levels.  Clients of Sev can feel empowered when they work directly with her, through one of her training programmes or talks.

Sev is a member of the British Combat Association and elite credible organisation which specifically deals with practical martial arts and self defence.

Some Testimonials:

"I’m more confident when I’m in the street.  I pay more attention with what happens around me."

"It was real and practical every woman should do this.  The best money I have ever spent."

More Testimonials can be found here.

The Consultant

Sev has experienced crime on more than one level and she has dealt with the whole system, including the criminal and civil justice system, social and economic problems and having dealt first hand with most of the support systems. 

Sev has devised all her work from working closely on grass roots issues with communities that suffer silently and sometimes don’t see themselves getting out of the vicious cycle.  Sev’s desire and passion comes from wanting to assist others to change their current situations into one that they dream of because of her own personal struggles.

Sev Necati Training has directly trained, met and worked with many well-respected teachers in England and America.  This has influenced the work that we provide and we focus on working with the best in the industry so we can deliver the best training programmes to our clients. 

To name a few these include: 

Geoff Thompson British karate fighter. He is the winner of multiple European Karate Championships and World Karate Championships, author, five-multi-award winning films (one BAFTA winning), two stage plays and hundreds of published articles.  

Den Brinkley overseas Coda instructor and a major authority on close-combat and authentic work combatives.  

Peter Consterdine the Chairman and Chief Instructor of the British Combat Association. Peter Consterdine, a 10th Dan in Karate.  Peter has over the past 35 years has operated in nearly 30 countries running Close Protection (Bodyguard) and specialist training for a range of international organisations.

Peter’s particular area of expertise is in the field of Personal Security where he is recognised as an International expert. On the combative front, it is in the field of impact development and Close Quarter Combat (CQC) that Peter is regularly called upon to instruct and has been a Home Office consultant instructor at the then UK’s National Police Training College as well as an instructor for many other regional police forces.

Jamie O’Keefe the creator of New Breed Academy, author and publisher.  Jamie was inducted into the ‘Hall of fame’ three times for 25 years of contribution to the fighting arts.  

the late Alan Charlton President and Chief Instructor of the Self-Protection-Association (S.P.A), south-east representative for the Self-Defence-Federation (SDF).

Paul Mckenna Ph.D.  Paul is the world’s leading hypnotist and Britain’s most successful self-improvement author.  

Dr Richard Brandler the creator of NLP and development of new human change technologies.  



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You can book your Training Courses online using Paypal.

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