Contact Us/Opening Times

Contact Us:

You can contact the Museum anytime through a variety of ways:

You can come and visit us at the Museum or write to us, our address is:


Maldon Museum in the Park,
47 Mill Road
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You can call us on 01621 842688, if there is no answer because we're closed, you can leave a message with your name, enquiry and contact details, however an email would be quickly received and responded to.

You can email us any enquiry whether it be about an object or display, a request for information or research from our archives, organise a group visit or volunteering opportunities at the Museum. You can email us on: 

We also have two social media platforms that we update regularly with news of what's going on around the Museum, information on displays or to help publicise other local groups, events and attractions.
You can find us on Facebook here or just search "Maldon Museum" in the search bar:

You can find us on Twitter here or just search "Maldon Museum" in the search bar or tag us @maldonmuseum:


We do accept donations of objects that will be added to the Museum's Collection, however the Museum and donor must adhere to the correct procedures. As there is also very limited space for new objects, either display or in our archives, then we do have certain criteria to meet and consider.

  • Is the object(s) related to Maldon, the District and its inhabitants?
  • Does the Museum have the storage space?
  • Does the Museum have it already?

To help us determine these, we ask that potential donors make intial contact with the Museum either via email or a direct message on one of our social media channels with details about the object(s) as well as personal contact details. Photos of the object(s) and dimensions will also be helpful. Items brought directly to the Museum may not be accepted immediately but on duty stewards will still ask for your contact details and take as much information about the object so that it may be discussed amongst Committee Officers for if we are to accept the donation or not.

Once a decision has been made then a Museum representative will contact the donor to arrange the transfer of the object(s). Donated items are listed and signed over between the donor (or someone representing the donor) and a representative from Maldon Museum in the Park (typically the Accessions and Archives Officer) on a hand-written Object Entry Form (OEF). The OEF is a triplicate sheet with two of the copies (the white and the blue) remaining with the Museum for our admin and a pink form which acts as a receipt for the donor to retain. Full terms and conditions are listed on the back of the OEF.


Public opening times are as follows:

Monday: Closed (Except Bank Holiday Mondays: 1-4pm)

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: 1pm - 4pm

Thursday: Closed

Friday: 1pm - 4pm

Saturday: 1pm - 4pm

Sunday: 1pm - 4pm

General admission during our regular opening hours on entry to the Museum is FREE for everyone! 

Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

We can also host out of hours group bookings for families, schools and education groups of all ages, social organisations, care groups to visit the Museum. Just simply message or email the Museum to organise your visit.



The Museum is located by the Main Gates for pedestrian access of the Promenade Park on Mill Road. There is a small Pay and Display car park just past the gates, this is the closest parking to the Museum. Further down Park Drive however is the main entrance for vehicles with plenty of Pay and Display parking. Just follow the signs located in the Promenade to find your way to the Museum as well as seeing the sites of the Promenade on your way.