Changing Track!

The Museum's exciting new exhibition about climate change and the environment in the Maldon District.

Changing Track is an exciting new exhibition for the Museum aiming to highlight the potential impact of climate change in the Maldon District in the not-so-distant future.

Visitors can enjoy using new interactive digital displays, enjoy reading and viewing many new informative labels and even write their own pledges which they can hang from the Pledge Tree (made by Maldon Men's Shed)

Artworks from students at Mid Essex Co-operative Acadamy and Lois Day of LDtheCreator

With thanks to contributors:

  • Maldon Men's Shed
  • Tollesbury Climate Partnership
  • Mid Essex Co-operative Acadamy Heybridge
  • Lois Day - LDtheCreator

Funding provided by:

  • Arts Council England
  • Art Fund_
  • National Lottery Heritage Fund
13:48, Saturday by Maldon Museum

Volunteers Needed!

Maldon Museum in the Park needs you!

Maldon Museum in the Park is always on the lookout for new volunteers to fill or contribute to a number of roles that are needed to run a museum.

Volunteers play an important role in society and in any sector, and local social history and heritage sites are no exception.

If you're reading this and have interests in local history, museums or just volunteering in general then check out our page on Volunteer Opportunities and you might just find what you're looking for.

12:33, Saturday by Maldon Museum

Museum reopens for 2024!

Maldon Museum in the Park reopens for 2024 season.

On a bright but windy afternoon, Maldon Museum in the Park reopened for 2024!

A small ribbon cutting ceremony was conducted by the Mayor of Maldon and supporter of the Museum, Councillor Andrew Lay.

Also in attendance were representatives from the Museum's Board of Trustees, Elizabeth Jeary, Chairwoman, and Jonathan Cruickshank, Accessions and Archives; as well as representatives from the Museum's Management Team, Rosy Perry, Group Visit Co-ordinator and Steven Gridley, Chairman of the Management Committee and Curator.

A successful opening day gives hope for a prosperous year for the Museum as we continue to tell the stories of the people and places in this historically rich part of Essex and continue to be an important centre for culture and tourism landmark in Maldon and the District.

10:36, 31 Mar 2024 by Maldon Museum


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