On a lovely and very busy afternoon down at the Maldon Museum in the Park we witnessed the unveiling of a new palaentological display in our outdoor noticeboard of London Clay Fossils which are fossils that are found on the east coast and the Dengie in particular. This display was created and unveiled at the ceremony by Jennie Donnelly who runs fossil collecting tours down at Creeksea and Jon Greaves who is an author and artist and has written a book on London Clay fossils. If you are interested in fossils, especially those found on the Dengie and the east coast then please get in touch.
Jennie Donnelly and Jon Greaves


11:54, 23 Aug 2021 by Maldon Museum

Since the Covid legal restrictions were lifted on Monday 19th July we want to ensure that the Museum remains an enjoyable and safe environment for both stewards and visitors. We are mindful of the restricted space we have inside the Museum and for this reason we will continue with much of the precautions we have used throughout the pandemic.



We will continue maintaining as much ventilation throughout the Museum as possible including having all available doors and windows open.



The wearing of masks is still recommended for our volunteers and visitors but are no longer mandatory to wear inside the Museum and wearing one is entirely at your discretion.



This is no longer mandatory but in order to support the NHS and Test and Trace we will continue to invite visitors to scan the QR code or sign in. Of course, visitors are at liberty to decline.



While the risk of contracting the virus from surfaces is small, ‘hygiene security’ reduces that risk and reassures visitors.  Gel will remain available as now and an occasional cleaning of the bannisters is suggested.

Hand sanitizer will still be available should visitors wish to use it.



To aid this, the one way system will be retained for an initial period. This will be reviewed at the end of August. There will no longer be a limited on numbers in the Museum at once, however if more than 6 visitors are in one area of the Museum at once then visitors may be asked to wait just to allow the previous group of people through such as in the Long Room and on the stairways.



Last year we offered a dedicated visit for families if booked in advance and we will consider doing this again during the school holidays.

13:47, 22 Jul 2021 by Maldon Museum

The Maldon Museum in the Park will be reopening on Saturday 22nd May 2021!! 

We will be holding a socially distanced opening ceremony with the ribbon to be cut by a special guest!

Also we will initially be continuing where we left off last year with continuing social distancing, hand sanitizer stations, face masks, max. 6 visitors in the Museum at a time and groups larger than two people requested to pre-book their visit which you can do via email or message on Facebook.

12:46, 21 Jan 2021 by Maldon Museum


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