Ideas from elsewhere for budding green entrepreneurs - how about doing something like these in Kingston?:

A borrowing shop
...something like Berlin's first "borrowing shop", "a library of things". "The average electric drill is used for 13 minutes in its entire lifetime – how does it make sense to buy something like that? It's much more efficient to share it." 

TTK and Smart Communities give advice about energy efficiency and insulation, and there could be an opening for a local social enterprise that followed up the advice with workshops on how to draught-proof and/or sourcing and installing draught-proof and insulation measures. See Transition Town Brixton's Community Draught Busters for ideas. 

Ugly fruits and vegetables
Surely we don't have to go to France to get misshapen veg at a discount price? Why do we care so much what fruit looks like? Why is so much edible stuff turned into compost or worse, dumped in landfill?

A junk food cafe
The Real Junk Food project, a cafe serving only surplus edible waste with the aim of abolishish avoidable food waste. Our nearestr one (2018) is ETNA's Community Kitchen project in Twickenham.

The Local Food Takeaway Project
A new co-op of local chefs, food educators and charities in Bridport, offering low-cost space for sustainable,local, ethically sourced and nutritious fast food alternative food takeaways, educational workshops and coaching for young and new entrants to the food business.

Observer Ethical Awards
Every year some of these awards go to sustainable and ethical enterprises

Unpackaged shopping
A shop where you take your own containers along - see here. And our nearest one (2018 is in Teddington - The Refill Larder › Teddington's first and our nearest Plastic-Free Shop, opened recently on Teddington High Street.

Reusing leftover paint
Seagulls is an environmental social enterprise working to promote and develop a community resource centre and tackle the issue of waste in the Leeds area by finding positive and effective ways to encourage people to reuse, with a focus on promoting community participation through the renovation and reuse of waste materials in Leeds.


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