Looking for local, independent advice on energy-saving?

Where can you get advice
on the latest low-energy lighting? Which local solar PV suppliers are reliable and trustworthy? What’s the easiest way to cut down on heating bills? Is it better to wash dishes by hand or in a dishwasher? Where can you buy thermal curtain lining in Kingston?
One of the most difficult challenges that people face when they try to reduce their energy consumption is getting hold of impartial guidance that really helps them. All too often, information on websites and leaflets is insufficiently detailed or offers just one option; it does not allow for the specific conditions in people’s own homes or for people to ask specific questions. Sometimes it’s pitched at too high or too low a level. Of course, we can get information from commercial suppliers, such as PV panels installers or providers of white goods. However, it can be difficult to tell exactly why a supplier might want to sell us Option A or Option B, or that there are in fact many other options that would be more suitable, let alone whether we are getting a good deal!
KREAN - what does it mean? Local, independent and reliable help is at hand. The Smart Communities team based at Kingston University have helped to set up the Kingston and Richmond Energy Advice Network (KREAN). KREAN is made up of local people who have been thinking about, researching and acting on energy and other sustainability issues for a number of years. They have learned through their own experiences and investigations. Crucially, since KREAN advisors have no commercial connections, they are not interested in pointing you in a particular direction, only in offering you the best, impartial advice and guidance.
Here’s how it works. Simply send your query to krenergyadvicenetwork@gmail.com, and then members of the network will get back to you. Depending on the issue, the help might be by email, by telephone or possibly even by demonstration of an existing installation or way of doing something.  

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