Morning Worship at Kilrenny Parish Church led by Rev Michael Allardice.

Sunday 14 April 2024
09:45 to 10:45

Kilrenny Parish Church

Sunday 14th April 2024

3rd Sunday of Easter

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Call to Worship


God of peace and justice

Come and stand among us today.


God of peace and justice

Bring Your healing and wholeness as we gather.



Hymn CH 201                                  Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness


Opening Prayer & Lord’s Prayer


Reading: Isaiah 6: 1 – 9


Hymn CH 549                                  How deep the Father’s love for us


Reading: Acts 3: 12 – 19


Hymn CH 457                                  All hail the power of Jesus name


Prayers for Peace


Hymn CH 250                                  Sent by the Lord I am


Reflection: ‘Ignorance turns to knowledge’


Hymn CH 449                                  Rejoice! The Lord is king


Prayers of Dedication & Intercession


Hymn CH 110                                  Glory be to God the Father




Sung Amen.

Main Street
KY10 3AU
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