Holy Week Service at Kilrenny Parish Church led by Rev Michael Allardice

Monday 25 March 2024
19:00 to 20:00

Kilrenny Parish Church

Holy Week

Monday 25th March 2024



Call to Worship



When God appeared on earth in the person of Jesus,

most of the world did not recognize him

and therefore did not worship him.

Today we ask for faith that will open our eyes

to see Jesus for who he is,

that we might worship him in truth.

People of God, behold your God!



We open our eyes to see his glory.

We open our ears to hear his wisdom.

We open our hands to offer him gifts.

We open our mouths to sing his praise.

We open our hearts to offer him our love.

He is Lord!





Hymn CH 374                                  From heaven you came, helpless babe


Opening Prayer and “The Lord’s Prayer”


Reading:       St John 12: 1 – 9   


Hymn CH 356                                  Meekness and majesty


Reflection: “The anointed one”




Hymn CH 352                                  O for a thousand tongues to sing




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