Morning Worship led by our Interim Moderator Rev Michael Allardice.

Sunday 27 June 2021
09:45 to 10:30

Kilrenny Parish Church

Sunday 27th June 2021

Rev Michael Allardice

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Welcome and Church News


Call to Worship


Hymn CH 553                       Just as I am, without one plea


Opening Prayer and “The Lord’s Prayer”


Reading:            St Mark 5: 21 – 43


Hymn CH 360                       Jesus is waiting


Reflection: “Healing and Faith”


Hymn CH 724                       Christ’s is the world in which we move


Prayers of Dedication and Intercession


Hymn CH 141                       Oh, the life of the World




Sung Amen.

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Hymn CH 553                        Just as I am, without one plea


Just as I am, without one plea, but that your blood was shed for me,
and that you call us, 'Come to me', O Lamb of God, I come.

Just as I am, though tossed about with many a conflict, many a doubt,
fightings and fears within, without, O Lamb of God, I come.


Just as I am, you will receive, will welcome, pardon, cleanse, relieve;
because your promise I believe, O Lamb of God, I come.


Just as I am - your love unknown has broken every barrier down

now to be yours, and yours alone, O Lamb of God, I come.


Just as I am, of that free love the breadth, length, depth, and height to prove

here for a season, then above - O Lamb of God, I come.


Hymn 360                              Jesus Christ is waiting


Jesus Christ is waiting, Waiting in the streets; 

No one is his neighbour,  All alone he eats. 

Listen, Lord Jesus,  I am lonely too. 

Make me, friend or stranger, Fit to wait on you 


Jesus Christ is raging,  Raging in the streets, 

Where injustice spirals And real hope retreats. 

Listen, Lord Jesus,  I am angry too. 

In the Kingdom's causes, Let me rage with you. 


Jesus Christ is healing,  Healing in the streets; 

Curing those who suffer, Touching those he greets. 

Listen, Lord Jesus, I have pity too. 

Let my care be active, Healing just like you. 

 Jesus Christ is dancing, Dancing in the streets, 

Where each sign of hatred  He, with love, defeats. 

Listen, Lord Jesus, I should triumph too. 

where good conquers evil, Let me dance with you. 


Jesus Christ is calling, Calling in the streets, 

"Who will join my journey? I will guide their feet." 

Listen, Lord Jesus, Let my fears be few. 

Walk one step before me; I will follow you. 


Hymn 724                     Christ’s is the world in which we move.
Christ’s is the world in which we move.
Christ’s are the folk we’re summoned to love,
Christ’s is the voice which calls us to care,
And Christ is the One who meets us here.


          To the lost Christ shows his face;
          To the unloved He gives His embrace;
          To those who cry in pain or disgrace,
          Christ, makes, with His friends, a touching place
Feel for the people we most avoid.
Strange or bereaved or never employed;

Feel for the women and feel for the men
who Fear that their living is all in vain.


Feel for the parents who lost their child,
feel for the woman whom men have defiled.
Feel for the baby for whom there’s no breast,
And feel for the weary who find no rest.


Feel for the lives by life confused.
Riddled with doubt, in loving abused;
Feel for the lonely heart, conscious of sin,
Which longs to be pure but fears to begin.

Hymn CH 141                        Oh, the life of the World


Oh, the life of the world is a joy and a treasure,

unfolding in beauty the green-growing tree,

the changing of seasons in mountain and valley

the stars and the bright restless sea.


Oh, the life of the world is a fountain of goodness

overflowing in labour and passion and pain,

in the sound of the city and the silence of wisdom,

in the birth of a child once again.


Oh, the life of the world is the source of our healing

It rises in laughter and wells up in song;

it springs from the care of the poor and the broken

and refreshes where justice is strong.


So give thanks for the life and give love to the Maker,

and rejoice in the gift of the bright risen son,

and walk in the peace and the power of the spirit

till the days of our living are done.



Kilrenny Parish Church, Kirk Wynd,
KY10 3JJ
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