Walk No 1

An 8 mile walk starting at the Memorial Park Cafe, following the River Avon and the Bristol/Bath cycle track to Saltford, with an optional refreshment stop at the recommended Bird in Hand. Then continue through the village, across the fields to The Manor Road Community Woodland. Head back to Keynsham along the River Chew







Walk No 2  - Walking for Health

A short walk for all the family around the towns' Memeorial Park. This ia a flat walk suitable for those trying to improve their health. There is a short optional steeper section for those feeling more energetic There are plaques to read and points of interest to see, as well as the flora and fauna that abound in the park



 Walk No 2A - This is a guided walk, and only available to Keynsham Walkers are Welcome

A 3 mile themed floral walk around Keynsham visiting selected gardens that have entered the Keynsham-in-Bloom competition, Starting at the Memorial Park Cafe with a option to finish at the Ship Inn in Temple street. Prior permission was obtained from the gardens owners, so this walk is an organised walk and not for general use


Walk No 3

A 7 mile walk starting at the Memorial Park Cafe, heading south along the River Chew, skirting Chewton Keynsham to Compton Dando with an optional refreshment stop at the recommended Compton Inn. From there there is a steady eastward uphill climb to the lovely village of Burnett, and then back across the fields, picking up the other side of the River Chew, with the option of finishing at the New Inn with it's elevated view across the park



Walk No 4

A 3 mile themed, guided walk starting from the Memorial Park cafe heading south along the River Chew, heading up towards the Wellsway, crossing over into Manor Road, then on to the Community Woodland; returning via the Chandag estate with an optional refreshment stop at the New Inn



Walk No 4A

This is similar to Walk No 4, but with a slight change to enable this to be walked in the Winter, as sections are liable flooding and muddy conditions




Walk No 5

This a circular 6 mile walk starting from the Memorial Park gates, heading west along the River Avon to Londonderry Wharf, where we head up the hills to Willsbridge Mill Nature Reserve. It is worth spending some time wandering around this pictureqsue, park and visiting the cafe for refreshments. We continue heading north and out of the park, picking up the Bath/Bristol cyclepath, heading back to Bitton Railway Station, where you can look round the many steam trains that are on display here. There are trips to Avonside or Warmley stations available on these mighty beasts of transport. Once again there is a well recommended station buffet here. Continuing along the cycle path, turning left to Bitton, where we pick up the main road for a short distance, to the White Hart pub, then head back across the fields to Keynsham



 Walk No 7

A 3  mile walk starting from the memorial park Cafe, heading West, passing through Stockwood Bottom Road, following the by-way to Queen Charlton, and heading back to Keynsham via Stockwood vale





Walk No 10

An 11 mile trek starting from the Memorial Park cafe, following the River Avon, and across the fields to Swineford, head up to North Stoke, then across the ridge passing the racecourse and Prospect Stile to Kelston Roundhill. Heading back down on the lower path to North Stoke, and retracing our steps to Swineford with a welcome stop at The Swan for refreshments, then back across the fields to Keynsham. Including the stop this takes about 5.5 hours



Walk No 9

An 8 mile walk from the Memorial Park along the River Chew towards Hanham, at Londonderry Wharf turn right and head up over the hil to Willsbridge Nature Reserve. Carry on thro the nature reserve, past the quarry and out on to Cherry Lane. Proceed to the Bath/Bristol cycle path, turning right and head back to Bitton station, where a refreshment stop can be made at the very popular Station Buffet. Head down to the main road, turning right, and proceed to the roundabout, turning left and head toward Keynsham. After a short distance, take the footpath on the right, and follow the dramway back to Londonderry Farm, and retrace your steps to Keynsham. Including stops this walk takes about 4 hours 


Walk No 8

A themed 3 mile walk, again starting at the Memorial Park Cafe, head towards the bandstand, turning right under the road bridge, following the River Chew to Dapps Hill. Turn and immediately left and head up St Clements Rd. Go right to the end and follw the footpath on the left, past the allotments on your left and thro the new housing estate. At the far end on your right is a temporary footpath, which takes you to Abbotts Wood, with time to amble around and admire the wildilfe. Retrace your steps and head back to Keynsham




Walk No 6

 A 4 mile walk exploring Queen Charlton and Stockwood Vale. Starting from the Memorial Park, we head westward, skirting the playing fields, crossing the main Bristol Road, passing through part of the industrial estate, and crossing over to and heading up Stockwood Vale road. Turning left into a byway known as Engine House Lane, cross the ford, and head up the stony path past the golf course on the right towards Queen Charlton. Taking time to explore this picyuresque village, we head north out of the village, follwong the vale with the River Chew on our left, back to Keynsham