About us


The Walkers are Welcome is a national voluntary networking scheme aimed at promoting towns as being walker friendly. It is providing a service for walkers with organised walks in the Bath and Bristol area, and leaflets for individuals and groups who wish to go-it-alone, thus enhancing the profile of Keynsham. This will benefit the residents and traders alike. All the walks will emanate from or include, the town. It is to be community run, but already has the backing of the Town Council and Chamber of Commerce. The town itself has an award winning park straddling the River Chew, with during the Summer regular concerts at the bandstand..It prides itself on it's community spirit, there are over 250 clubs and organisations within the town, and it's low crime rate. It is blessed with many car parks, some of which are free

There are many advantages for using Keynsham as your base:-

!. Set at the junction of the River Avon and River Chew with it's beautiful valley. Although set midway between Bath and Bristol, there is lovely countryside in every direction around the town 

2. Keynsham is an historic market town, dating back to Roman times, and featured strongly in the Monmoth Rebellion

3. It is well served by both bus, with regular sevices to Bath and Bristol, and train, with the station close to the town centre

4.  Situated on 2 rivers and being close to the Bath/Bristol cycle path means there a lots of level paths for the not so fit walker

5. Having the backing of the Town Council, means that the footpaths around the town are well maintained, and the 2 groups work together to ensure this

6. In the town and scattered around the countryside are some picturesque pubs, cafes, and restaurants serving good food, are also dog friendly, and these refreshment stops are always included in the walks 

7. Some of the walks are dog and child friendly

8. There is reasonably priced accommodation in and around the Bath and Bristol area    


1. To get support of local people in the form by collecting signatures ( 600 were required), this objective has alrady been achieved, and we have been accredited with national Walkers are Welcome status

2. To arrange for maintenance of local footpath, by liaising with the owners and the Councils' Rights of Way Dept

3. To market the scheme in the local press, and engaging the support of local traders. Good signage within the town and surrounding area.

4. To encourage the use of public transport, by organising walks involving buses or trains

5. To maintain an approachable steering group, with good communications, that will be on-going

more information:- www.walkersarewelcome.org.uk

e-mail:- wrwkeynsham@outlook.com