Southern Vectis has agreed to join the scheme to provide a maximum fare of £2 single (all ages) from 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2024.      This won't apply to through fares, where a single fare of £2 will apply to each leg of the journey.     It may consequently be cheaper in most circumstances to pay individually but there will be exceptions.   It will apply to all routes with the exception of contracted school buses (numbered above 100), Breezers, the Island Coaster, and the Shanklin Shuttle.    It will however also apply to buses for schools numbered below 100.     Southern Vectis will also introduce weekly capping for "Tap on, Tap off".
We've raised the question of poor connections between trains and buses at Shanklin station.     Southern Vectis has said they'll see if connections can be improved.
On route 6, additional buses will run at 18.55 and 21.45 from Ventnor, and 20.45 and 22.45 from Newport from 2nd October 2023 except on Sundays.
On route 12, additional buses will run at 18.50 from Alum Bay and 21.45 from Totland, and 20.55 and 23.10 from Newport also from 2nd October except on Sundays.       These additional journeys will run for a trial period of 12 months to assess demand.

Island Line

Still no connection off the 21.45 from Portsmouth Harbour.