The establishing and protection of Hampton Common, initially called Hampton Nurserylands District Park and then known as Buckingham Fields, as Green belt, a public park and public sports pitches was a result of a hard fought community campaign in the 1970s when the Nurseryland development was planned. This was to prevent the whole area from becoming housing.

There was a government enquiry which concluded that the public open space called Buckingham Fields be divided into public parkland and school sports fields, facilities to be shared with Rectory School, now known as Hampton High.  As result it was compulsorily purchased by the Council on condition that it was to be used by all for sport, leisure and recreation. The final decision was approved by the then Secretary of State in his report in 1977 and the Council endorsed this decision on the playing fields public dual use on 28 March 1977.

Village Green Status

In the summer of 2005, the Council erected an unsightly 3-metre-high security fence around part of Buckingham Fields, which is, and was, a protected public park and open space  The newly fenced area was then allocated to the local school for sports use. This action together with the approval of the then Cabinet to sell strips of Buckingham Fields land to a private home owner to be incorporated as part of his garden gave concern among residents about what could become of Buckingham Fields public open space.  Therefore, in order to protect this space residents decided to take action and as a result of evidence from the local community detailing local use of Buckingham Fields for leisure and recreation for more than 20 years without restriction Village Green status was granted in November 2006 and the fence was removed soon after.

The Fence 

The fence was erected in 2005 without public consultation and out of line with the Unitary Development Plan policies to enhance greenbelt landscape.The public were excluded aad the fenced off area was locked to prevent access.The public were also being asked to pay £40 per session in order to use the space, which up to then had been freely available for almost 30 years. You can read more on the fence in the Archive section

The Friends

By the beginning of 2007 Hampton Common Friends group was formed. Buckingham Fields was renamed Hampton Common by the community, and together with the Council Parks Department and after extensive consultation, Hampton Common was brought up to its present state. Residents, Friends of Hampton Common and the Parks Department worked together to remove all structures which were attracting antisocial behaviour, the Common was decluttered with unnecessary signage being removed, benches and bins were put in, a new playground and an open space gym installed along with an upgraded BMX track. Cycle and pedestrian paths improved and new ones added, the football pitch was also enhanced. The result of which is Hampton Common being respected, loved by all, and well used throughout the whole year  The Common was awarded Green Flag status in 2014 and has achieved this award standard every year since.