To hire Sports Field or Hall facilities please log on to the “Hallmaster” website, or email

Alternatively, those who do not have access to email or the internet, can call the Booking Secretary on 01245 400965, before 8pm, and leave a message. 

Please copy the Hallmaster URL and paste into your browser.  This will take you to the EHVH booking page where you can select a room or facility and see if it is available by scrolling down to the calendar and selecting the month and day. To request a booking you will need to click on the plus sign on the date that you are interested in, and complete the form for a new user, if you haven’t already created an account.

Once you have made a booking Hallmaster will send you a confirmation email.

Invoices are sent out to regular hirers with payment details via email at the end of each month unless a deposit is required in which case you will need to make the deposit payment before the booking is accepted. Usually, the deposit will be £100, which will be returned after the event once the facilities have been inspected and no damage found. Occasional hirers will be required to pay on receipt of their booking confirmation.

If you would like to watch a video demonstrating how to set up your Hallmaster account, please click here: .

A follow-up video shows how to make a booking here: .

The 2024 hall and field hires prices are currently subject to review and will appear here on the website once the review has been completed by the Treasurer.