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Sign for disabled toiletdisabled toilet cubicleThe stairs with the stair-lift half way

There are low threshold entrance / exits.
The Disabled toilet is in Changing  Room lobby (opposite the changing rooms).
There is a stair lift from the Changing Room Lobby to the First Floor Meeting Room.
There is no hearing loop.



Closed baby changing unitThe open baby changing unit

The baby changer is in the Disabled Toilet which is in the Changing Room Lobby.



view of the car park from the east end

The main car park has 29 unallocated parking spaces and 2 allocated for shop users and 2 for disabled parking. The overflow car park has 16 spaces. Subject to weather and by arrangement with the Booking Secretary, a hirer may use the northern playing field for parking.

The car park is not available for the use of "ramblers", as it is dedicated to the use of Shop, Hall and Field users, and for school drop off and collection.



View of changing room

There are two rooms with showers and changing facilities with a separate entrance to the main building.



View of defibrillator to the right of the main door.

There is a Defibrillator in a yellow lockable cabinet installed on the outside wall of Village Hall, between the Hall's Main Door and the Village Shop Post Office entrance. The Hall defibrillator was provided by the Parish Council in partnership with Hanna's Field Charity. The operational status of the device is regularly monitored to ensure it is ready for use in an emergency. 

Defibrillators can lower the risk of sudden death among people who have developed a life-threatening heart arrhythmia from causes such as genetic diseases, heart failure, or a prior cardiac arrest. A defibrillator helps counteract heart Ventricular fibrillation and other potentially life-threatening arrhythmias by providing a controlled electrical impulse that’s designed to return the heart to a normal rhythm before it stops beating completely.

The Village Hall's Defibrillator been registered with NHS and is ready for use. It is battery operated and when it is switched on will tell the person how to use the device - just follow the verbal instructions given by the Defibrillator.

The Defibrillator and its location is registered with the Ambulance Service. To open the Defibrillator cabinet and access it  you must first call 999 and ask for Ambulance Service to get the cabinet door code. The ambulance operator will ask if it’s an emergency. If from the patient's symptoms, the ambulance operator thinks the person may need heart defibrillation they will then provide the code to open cabinet to remove the Defibrillator. 

The Defibrillator has a battery. The battery will power the Defibrillator as soon as it is switched on and will tell the person operating it exactly what to do - just follow the verbal instructions. The Defibrillator cabinet is connected to the main electricity supply so that it can be kept at a constant temperature and humidity.

The Defibrillator is an expensive medical item and in the event that it is removed for an emergency it must be returned to Hanna's Field Charity afterwards for checks and return to its  cabinet outside the Hall.



fire alarm cabinet closed & attached to the wallInside Fire Alarm Cabinet

Strictly No Smoking anywhere inside Hall (smoke detectors will set off the Fire Alarm System  if anyone does smoke).

The Fire Alarm Control cabinet is on the wall in the entrance  Foyer.

In the event of a fire follow these steps

 -rescue anyone in immediate danger; 

-activate fire alarm and  alert others;

- call the fire and rescue service; 

-contain the fire by closing doors and windows;

-extinguish the fire if possible, using the Halls portable fire extinguishers, but only if it is safe to do so.

-if the security door in the Hall central corridor is locked it will open automatically if the fire alarm is activated

To set off the building alarm system use one the wall mounted red  break-glass call point boxes in the build near the exit doors Push in the glass front ) to press button inside  to manually trigger the fire alarms in the building

If the alarm sounds as a result of a false alarm, open the door of the Fire Alarm Control cabinet and press alarm silence reset button to cancel the alarm. 



There are first aid kits in the ground floor kitchen and the first floor kitchenette (off the Meeting Room). A third kit is in the electricity/broom cupboard off the main foyer. All kits are accompanied by an accident book. If you have an accident requiring use of one of  the first aid kits, please record details in the accident book.



Meeting Room showing white boardkitchenetteMeeting Room with TV

A light, airy and carpeted space with  tables and chairs and suitable for small social gatherings, meetings, business and educational activities. 

The room has Hall Wi-Fi and a wide screen TV display which can be connected via wifi to a laptop (set up for screen sharing) to allow presentions for meetings or training.

The room has a small galley style kitchen attached with fridge, microwave, kettle, sink/hot & cold water and crockery/cutlery for refreshments and snacks. There is also a first aid kit.

The Meeting Room is approximately 6m square (20ft x 20 ft) and has capacity for approx 30 people (or 20 if seated).

A stair lift is available for those who find the stairs too difficult.  There is a disabled toilet downstairs in the Changing Room Lobby.



The football pitchFootball Match

A well-maintained, full-size pitch. The fenced hard court area and the football pitch are the only parts of the outside area which can be hired.  The fenced patio is available for use by hirers of the Small Hall. The rest of the playing field and the equipped play area are open for public use. 



 Wall mounted hand sanitiser

There are wall mounted hand sanitisers in the Main Lobby and the Changing Room Lobby. There are free standing hand sanitisers in the ground floor Kitchen and the first floor kitchenette. The use of hand sanitiser is optional.


Heating over-ride switch in the Main Lobby

When hiring the Small Hall or Sports Hall, it is necessary to switch on a master over-ride switch which is situated in the Main Lobby on the left hand wall as you come in. Each heater can then be turned on separately.  The high wall heaters are infrared ceramic heaters which do not heat the air as they give off radiant heat, like the sun.  Please switch off the heaters in the Kitchen, Toilets and the master over-ride when leaving the building. 



view of kitchenkitchen seen through serving hatch

The kitchen is adjacent to the Small Hall and connected by a serving hatch. Equipment provided comprises a cooker, dishwasher, tea urn, fridge, microwave oven and kettle, with a freezer situated in the Changing Room Lobby. There is cutlery and crockery plus a first aid kit.



small hall looking towards serving hatchsome art & craft exhibits in the small hall

A light, airy room suitable for smaller groups and activities, with access to an enclosed patio area with awning, which you can use at no extra charge. The room dimensions are 12.8m by 5.8m 42 (feet long by 19 feet wide). An adjacent store room holds tables and chairs with additional tables in a store room upstairs. The tables and chairs are included in your hire fee.

The Hall shares the well equipped ground floor kitchen with Large Hall but depending on activity type this facility may need to be booked separately.

The Small  Hall capacity is approximately 50 people (70 people if all seated).  



view of empty sports hallArt Exhibition in progress

A spacious room with high ceilings and plenty of good lighting and ventilation. Suitable for sports use (floor is marked for badminton court), exhibitions and large parties. An adjacent store room holds tables and chairs with additional tables in a store room upstairs. The chairs and tables are included in your hire fee. The room is 17.35m by 10m (57 feet long and 33 feet wide).

A sliding concertina door allows access through to the Small Hall next door which can be booked if more space is needed. 

The Hall shares the well equipped ground floor kitchen with the Small Hall but depending on activity type this may need to be booked separately.

The Large Hall capacity is approximately 160 people at 20 tables  at 8 person/table  (or 180  seated in rows with no tables). 




To hire sports or Hall facilities please log on to the Hallmaster website or email Alternatively you can call the Booking Secretary on 01245 400965, before 8pm, and leave a message.

 Please copy the Hallmaster URL and paste into your browser.  You will need to create an account with Hallmaster in order to make a booking. 

You will be able to see on the Hallmaster website whether or not the dates you are interested in are available. Invoices are sent out, via email, to hirers at the end of each month.

The 2024 hiring prices will appear on the Make a Booking page once compiled by the Treasurer.