Many people in the village will probably have heard of Hanna’s Field Charity (HFC) and some will know that it is connected with the Village Hall and Hanna’s Field, the Village Hall‘s playing fields, known to many locally as “The Park”. HFC is a registered charity. Its charitable status stems from its purpose, which is to manage and develop the Village Hall and Playing Fields for the benefit of everyone living in the parish of East Hanningfield.

The name originates in a foresighted decision by East Hanningfield Parish Council in 1979 to purchase land in the centre of the village from the Writtle Brewery Company for a Village Hall and Playing Fields. The name Hanna’s Field was chosen after purchase of the land to reflect the Anglo Saxon origins of the village. The earliest appearance of the place name Hanningfield is in the Domesday Book of 1086, where it was spelt Haningefelda. It is thought this name stems from Anglo Saxon origins and the early period of colonisation of England by the Anglo Saxon peoples in the early 5th, and 6th centuries. In Anglo Saxon, the place name means the open land felda (Essex was heavily forested then) of the people inga, of a person called Hana … and so the name Hanna’s Field was given to the land purchased by the Parish Council for the village. 


Hanna’s Field Charity was formed in 1982 when East Hanningfield Parish Council vested ownership and responsibly for Hanna’s Field in the Charity. After much fundraising and struggle a village hall was built on Hanna’s Field which opened in early 1986 with the local playgroup being the first users. 

Since the Charity was formed its Trustees have continued to improve and develop the Village Hall and Playing Fields, relying on their fundraising, grants and Parish Council support to achieve improvements, including the extension of the Hall to provide a community shop/post office, two changing rooms, a meeting room and extra storage space in 2003. 


The Hall and Playing Fields remain very much the centre of the community providing recreation, sports, leisure, and a meeting place for groups like the WI. 


We continue to fundraise to maintain Hanna’s Field and the facilities to a high standard and to make improvements. At present our plans include more play equipment on the field, and solar panels on the hall roof to reduce our carbon footprint and help with energy costs. We welcome any help from residents and local businesses alike to make this a thriving and caring community, and a great place to live.