biod1What is biodiversity

Biodiversity is the name we give to the variety of life on our planet, which is the result of billions of years of evolution. It includes all species of animals and plants and the natural systems that support them.

The variety of natural life

Our National Parks are home to a fascinating range of animals and plants, many of which are rare and protected.

However, biodiversity also refers to the ecosystems in our forests, wetlands, mountains, lakes, rivers and agricultural landscapes.

Millions of plant and animal species maintain these ecosystems, creating oxygen that we breathe, providing food for us to eat and ultimately ensuring a sustainable planet for future generations.

They are essential to human survival. 

biod2Threats to biodiversity

The loss of plant and animal species over time has always occurred, but the current pace of extinction is roughly 1,000 times higher than the natural rate.

Reasons for this include climate change, pollution, habitat destruction, over-exploitation of natural resources, introduction of invasive species and an increase in intensive agriculture.

Simple Actions to Support Biodiversity
1 Create a wildflower patch
2 Create homes for others
3 Ensure a clean water supply 

biod3The biodiversity working group have developed a Biodiversity strategy which has been shared with the Friends committee, who fully supported the potential biodiversity initiatives to be put forward to Habitats & Heritage and Richmond & Wandsworth Council for consideration.

In February 2023 at a site meeting with the borough's Environmental manager and the council’s park team, the identification of suitable sites for 2 Bird and 2 Bat boxes was agreed upon by the council’s Environmental manager, and in April 2023 the council’s contractor installed these boxes.

The Environmental manager has also identified locations for Log Piles and bug huts which the council’s Contractor plan to install very soon.



The Council has also agreed to re-install a water fountain in the park and add “Grove Gardens Park” to the list of parks where fresh drinking water is available.

In the future the Biodiversity team plan to engage with the council to discuss the possibility of a sensory Garden or possibly a community herb garden.