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A small group of residents now carry out voluntary work at The Glen once a week (on Tuesday mornings from 10am to 12 noon weather permitting).


Glen Volunteers April 2016

Some of the Volunteers April 2016


The emphasis has been on following up the vegetation reduction (mainly cherry laurel) carried out by the team from Groundwork South West in The Higher Glen in 2010, so the group have been working across the footpath from the Millennium Green.

More recently (January 2014) cherry laurel has been cut back in The Higher Glen beside Parsonage Lane and between Lake Close and the Waterleat Avenue bridge; there are also tasks in The Lower Glen where for example overgrowing brambles have been cut back from camellias, rhododendrons and mahonias and removing brambles from Choysia ternata 'Sundance' (Mexican Orange Blossom with golden foliage) near the play area as well as vegetation overgrowing the pavements on both sides of the Waterleat Avenue bridge.

A small task that has evolved into something much larger was to clear brambles and cherry laurel overgrowing three shrubs. More and more shrubs have been exposed including a planting of 30 or so Portugal Laurels, some of which were photographed on 15 June 2014, as well as two mahonias that also had been overgrown:   


Portugal Laurel 


15 April 2014 Clearing Brambles from Flowering Shrubs in Major Lilley's Wood.

Working in Major Lilley's Wood adjoining The Lower Glen   15 April 2014.


15 Apil 2014 Rhododendron loderi freed from overgrowing Brambles.

Rhododendron loderi freed from overgrowing brambles   15 April 2014.


Path Clearing 

Clearing a Victorian Path beside a rediscovered waterfall in The Higher Glen   1 October 2013. 


Clearing gutter in Parsonage Lane 18 November 2014 

Clearing a gutter in Parsonage Lane close to the The Glen kissing gate 18 November 2014.


The voluntary work is authorised by East Devon District Council and complies with the Higher Glen Conservation Management Plan. Please email friendsoftheglen@aol.com for more information or meet the group on Tuesday mornings and consider volunteering time to make a difference.


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