The Glen, Honiton's Silver Jubilee Public Park and Garden


Welcome to the website of The Honiton Glen Conservation Group, formerly The Glen Regeneration Group known as The Friends of The Glen, an unincorporated association, working with the support of Honiton Town Council since 2007 to improve The Glen, an East Devon District Council public open space in the market town of Honiton.


Members began working again at The Glen in January 2022  on Tuesday mornings. Meet members by the Group's container in Parsonage Lane near Lake Close at 10am or in The Glen from 10.15am on Tuesdays  



Group members stopped working at The Glen in 2020 and again this year due to the Coronavirus situation


Public Footpath 1

Lower Glen Public Footpath February 2019


A Honiton Glen Flickr Slideshow 


Silver Jubilee Gates

Silver Jubilee Gates close to Pine Park Road.


The Lower Glen, the part of The Glen nearest the town centre, was given to the Borough of Honiton by Major H. H. Lilley to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of King George V and the entrance gates there were provided by public subscription also to commemorate that jubilee.


Lower Glen Leatside Path 1930s

Leatside Path in The Lower Glen 1930s. Dimonds Library.


Further upstream is The Higher Glen, an almost forgotten Victorian water garden, a quite recent acquisition by the District Council, linking to the Blackdown Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty:


The Higher Glen c1907

The Higher Glen c1905 'a veritable dream of rustic bridges...' now an almost lost Victorian water garden crossed by the Waterleat Avenue bridge. 


Japanese Laurel by waterfall in Higher Glen

Japanese Laurel (Aucuba japonica) and waterfall in The Higher Glen formerly threatened by a planned road embankment. 



Deutzias discovered in 2016 and Japanese Laurel are survivors of Victorian or Edwardian planting in The Higher Glen. 


The Friends of The Glen was formed in 2007, supported by Honiton Town Council, with the aim of helping East Devon District Council regenerate The Glen which was subsequently registered as a BBC Breathing Place (no. 46393).



Picnic Tables    

Newly installed Picnic Tables in The Lower Glen July 2015.


Rhododendron in Lower Glen May 2015

Rhododendron in The Lower Glen May 2015.


A selection of Camellias in The Lower Glen April 2015


Camellia April 2015



Camellia April 2015



 Camellia April 2015



 Camellia April 2015


Camellia blossom in The Lower Glen has some natural protection from frost damage; the camellia plants are usually hardy (though considered to be delicate and planted in glasshouses when first introduced) but the flowers unfortunately are easily damaged by frost as can be seen in some gardens above The Glen.



 White Camellia 0215


Pink Camellia 0215 

One of the earliest Camellias in The Glen.



The Magnolia planted in memory of Dr M. L. A. (Mike) Robinson 

Magnolia planted in memory of Dr. M. L. A. (Mike) Robinson, Chair of the Royal Horticultual Society's Rhododendron, Camellia and Magnolia Group. 



The Lower Glen 0314

Away from the Paths.


Glen green bridge waterfall

The Borough Bridge Waterfall.


Glen camellia



The Glen

Down to The Lower Glen.



A SLIDESHOW of images of The GLEN in Honiton and of The OTTERHEAD ESTATE at the Heart of the Blackdown Hills:


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