Bird Surveying at The Glen

A survey carried out in December 2013 identified the following bird species at The Glen:


    Long-tailed tit               Coal tit

    Chaffinch                      Dunnock

    Redwing                       Wood pigeon

    Goldfinch                      Nuthatch

    Wren                            Tree creeper

    Blue tit                         Great tit

    Crow                            Grey wagtail

    Goldcrest                      Magpie

    Blackbird                       Bullfinch

    Song thrush                  Great spotted woodpecker

    Robin                            House sparrow



During a second survey, on 17 December 2013, the following were seen:

Grey Wagtail    2
Wren     1
Dunnock    4
Robin    17
Blackbird     8
Song Thrush    2
Redwing    10
Mistle  Thrush    2
Goldcrest    1
Long-tailed Tit     1
Blue Tit    5
Great Tit     7
Nuthatch    1
Treecreeper    1
Magpie     2
Carrion Crow    5
House Sparrow    10
Chaffinch     5
Bullfinch    1