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New Handrails

East Devon District Council has erected handrails at several short flights of steps along the path accessed from the town end by the green Borough Footbridge:


New Handrails


It is hoped that the new handrails together with handrails already in place will make the path accessable to more visitors to The Glen. 




Heritage Open Days 2018

Heritage Open Days in 2018 are being held nationally on two long (Thursday - Sunday) weekends rather than on just one as in previous years.


The Glen's Heritage Open Days in 2018 will be on Friday 7th September and Sunday 16th September.

There will be guided walks in the mornings repeated in the afternoons.


Higher Glen Postcard


The Higher Glen no later than 1906 a few years before the privately owned free to enter Higher Glen was closed to the public. This and other old views of The Glen will be used during the walks.




Rediscovering a 'Lost' Waterfall 

Another Rediscovered Waterfall

Uncovering a Lost Waterfall 

One of the waterfalls from the late 1880s being uncovered in the Higher Glen.



Glen Stream Culvert Inlet Improvement

Glen Stream Culvert

Work planned by the Environment Agency should make clearing debris easier and safer.



Lighting in The Glen

Late March: All the lights along the public footpath through The Glen are now working due in part to some of the equipment being replaced by East Devon District Council.

The first seven lights from the Parsonage Lane entrance and one further along the public footpath were still not working on 29 December despite being reported on 8 December. The seven lights were repaired on 3 or 4 January. Light 10 will presumably be left until either Light 9 or 11 develops a fault and that repair will be carried out together with light 10. The fault was put right but has reoccured (17 January 2017).




Deutzias survivors of the Victorian or Edwardian planting in The Higher Glen:




A glimpse of white flowers resulted in two Deutzias being found in July 2016. 



Rhododendron Loderi 'King George' 

In flower in 2016 for the first time for several years:


Rhododendron loderi King George 



 Jubilee Gates removed for Restoration:


Jubilee Gates removed for restoration 0516

The gates are being restored by East Devon District Council. (Restored and now returned to The Glen).  









invites you to a


(as part of the Honiton Festival of Imagination event on 22nd and 23rd April in The Beehive)




Saturday 16th April 2016

in the Lower Glen 10.00am – noon

(meeting point – just beyond the Jubilee Gates)




activities will include:

  • orienteering in the Lower Glen
  • tree identification
  • making ‘bug hotels’
  • looking for minibeasts from the stream bed
  • opportunities for art and photography
  • or simply enjoy a stroll around The Glen

free admission, come along at any time, whatever the weather


bring suitable footwear   parents must stay with children activities risk-assessed


first-aider present   nearest toilet facilities in King Street        dogs on leads welcome



The support of Tesco (Honiton) for this activity is greatly appreciated




Thelma Hulbert Gallery Garden Hellebores have new homes in The Higher Glen

Deemed surplus to requirements as replanting of the garden in front of the Honiton gallery takes place, the hellebores have new homes at three sites in The Higher Glen.


Hellibore  beginning to Flower

The first Hellebore flowers are opening after replanting.  



Astilbes from Marwood Hill Gardens come to The Glen  

Marwood Hill Gardens, sometimes referred to as Dr Smart's garden, is a privately owned 20 acre garden near Barnstaple, which throughout the year has wonderful displays of colour.  Importantly Marwood holds the National Collection of astilbes.  Recently The Honiton Glen Conservation Group has established a link with Marwood, and the property manager, Patricia Stout, and the head gardener, Joe Reardon-Smith, have very generously assisted and supported us financially in the purchase of a sizeable number of astilbe plants which will be established along the bank of the stream in The Higher Glen:


Astilbe Planting

Planting Astilbes 1 December 2015  

Next summer there will be a ribbon of pale pink winding along the bank.  The Honiton Glen Conservation Group is extremely grateful to Marwood for the interest they have taken in Honiton's Glen and look forward to welcoming them at some point next year to the town's wonderful hidden gem. 


Tree Recording in The Glen

Tree Recording 0915

Devon Gardens Trust Tree Recorders in The Lower Glen 16 September 2015



Mayor of Honiton Welcomes the New Picnic Tables 


The Mayor of Honiton, Councillor Caroline Kolek, visited The Glen on the Family Activity Day.




Conservation Group

invites you to a



Wednesday 19th August

in the Lower Glen 11.00 am – 3.00 pm


including the official ‘welcome’ of the new picnic tables at 11.00 am



activities will include:

  • orienteering in the Lower Glen
  • looking for minibeasts in log piles and from the stream bed
  • charcoal pencil or colour pencil art
  • or simply enjoy a stroll around the Glen

free admission, come along at any time, whatever the weather

bring a packed lunch & suitable footwear          parents must stay with children            activities risk-assessed

first-aider present          nearest toilet facilities in Kings Street   dogs on leads welcome





The Honiton Glen Conservation Group would like to say thank you to the very kind and generous people of Honiton and its visitors, who helped us raise £192 by supporting the Charter Day stall in Northcote Lane.

The raffled cake, chutney and preserves basket was delivered to its winner at Offwell.

The money raised will go towards the continued management and maintenance work carried out by the volunteers.



Charter Day

On Saturday 25th July members of the Honiton Glen Conservation Group will be in Northcote Lane in Honiton with their Charter Day stall. Please come along and support the work being carried out in The Glen by buying from the stall or by making a donation.

As well as the usual variety of cakes (small and large), there will also be jams, jellies, curds and chutneys - all homemade. Also on sale will be handcrafted wooden items for the garden and home.          

The raffle will have a limited number of 50 tickets (£1 each) with the prize of a small food basket containing items from the stall. The raffle will be drawn on the Saturday afternoon and the basket will be delivered that day (distance permitting).



Two commemorative tablets have been moved to a more prominent and believed original position:


Commemorative Tablets


though a third, commemorating the provision of the Jubilee Gates by public subscription, is missing. 



 East Devon District Council installed two picnic tables close to the Jubilee Gates on 26 June 2015:


Picnic Tables



Tesco Honiton allowed The Honiton Glen Conservation Group to hold a collection on 22 May which raised £103.72. The Group thanks those who were inteested in The Glen, those who contributed financially and Tesco Honiton for making it happen.



Information at The Glen: It is hoped that the News and Events panel on the information board close to the Jubilee Gates will be kept regularly updated.



Both Magnolias at The Glen were jointly planted by the late Honiton Town Councillor Liz Tirard in memory of Dr M. L. A. (Mike) Robinson; one has been removed (presumably stolen) and the other damaged.



Information leaflets about The Glen are now available free of charge from The Co-operative Honiton.



'Celebrating the beautiful Glen, gifted to Honiton by Major H. H. Lilley'

article published in ONE Magazine Issue 83 February 2015 page 41.



Confirmation from a British Newspaper Archive report in 1891 that the Higher Glen was landscaped for public use, with paths and seats, at a cost of several hundred pounds by the Ashley family, owners of the Pine Park Estate probably since 1884.



Saplings donated by The Woodland Trust have been planted at various locations in The Glen and the group is also grateful for and has planted there, non invasive Bamboos, Grasses and Schizostylis coccinea (Hesperantha) given by local residents. 



Tesco Honiton has donated tools and bulbs.  



Tesco Honiton allowed The Honiton Glen Conservation Group to hold a collection on 30 November which raised £135.95. The group thanks those who were interested in The Glen, those who contributed financially and Tesco Honiton for making it possible.  



Tesco Honiton provided space just inside the entrance for publicity about The Friends of The Glen and of course The Glen, designed and produced by staff at the superstore.  



Honiton Town Council gives Daffodil Bulbs to The Glen

The bulbs were surplus to requirements due to a planned new planting scheme of the island flowerbed at the junction of Pine Park Road and Waterleat Avenue. The Friends of The Glen removed the large number of bulbs by arrangement with Honiton Town Council on 24 June and replanted the same day prior to permanent planting at The Glen in the autumn. 



Keys found at The Glen

A key ring with two keys and other objects was found on 20 March and handed in at Honiton Police Station the following day.



Survey identifies 22 Bird Species at The Glen 

A survey of birds at The Glen was carried out in December 2013; see Bird Survey at The Glen on this website.  



Land at Glenview added to Register of Community Assets

Honiton Town Council's nomination of the land at Glenview to be added to the Register of Community Assets held by East Devon District Council has been successful, the town council was told at the meeting held on 11 November 2013.

The town council is attempting to ascertain current ownership following the closing date of 3 October 2013 for receipt of tenders to buy the land.

This nomination is only the third to be successful in East Devon and the first involving land without buildings as the other two successful nominations, at Stockland and at Sidbury, were for public houses. 



Land for Sale at Glenview


Land for Sale at Glenview


The sloping area of land between Glenview and The Lower Glen was offered for sale with a closing date of 3 October 2013 for receipt of tenders. Honiton Town Council nominated the land to be added to the List of Assets of Community Value as allowed by The Localism Act 2012. This is the first known nomination of land in East Devon and so far two of the nominations of buildings in the district have been successful and three unsuccessful. The town council has received an acknowledgement of its asset nomination from the district council and a decision will be made within eight weeks of 11 September 2013. 


See also 'Land at Glenview' webpage on this website.





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