Tales From The Grave

Many of the headstones tell interesting and sometimes unusual stories.   The ornamentation used can say something about the person buried or the inscription will give information about the person and how he or she met their death.  Further research reveals many more stories and fascinating details. 


John Pollard Bellringer

For example this headstone in Burnley Cemetery for John Pollard is inscribed 'For sixty five years, a bell ringer at St. Peter's  Church, Burnley' and the carvings show bells in a range of positions as they are rung.

Further research reveals that during those sixty five years he rang the bells at Burnley Parish Church at Queen Victoria's accession, coronation, marriage, jubilee and diamond jubilee and at each of her birthdays.  He also took part in the muffled peel on the announcement of her death and on the day of her funeral.


In this section, more stories will be uploaded under a range of headings and if you see an interesting headstone let us know and we will include it.