EVN Article October 2014

Our Neighbourhood Plan

Help plan the future of our village.

During the next 15 years more than 60 houses will be built in and around Elstead and there will be other changes.

This is based on the requirements placed on Waverley Borough Council by the Government to meet housing needs in the borough.

We could leave all the planning decisions to Waverley Borough Councillors and Planners, based on applications received from developers.

Alternatively we could influence these decisions by having in place a strong Neighbourhood Plan, which would say what we want our village to be like in the future. We already have a Design Statement that has some legal force but it needs to be updated to include new powers given to local authorities by Parliament.

A Working Group has started developing our Neighbourhood Plan, which has to go through several stages and a lot of work before approval by Waverley BC. We need your ideas and if possible your active help to do this.

Please contact us if you have time to get involved, or have special skills or knowledge that could be useful.

Jane Jacobs: 07816 336 124

Or: 01252 411 858 (Messages)

There is more information on the website at: www.surreycommunity.info/elstead-plan

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