EVN Article November 2015


What is happening?

Work has started again on the Elstead & Weyburn Neighbourhood Plan after the Summer break.

Our immediate priority is to seek your input into the future of Elstead and Weyburn.  In the coming weeks you will soon be asked to help us in completing a comprehensive survey (both paper & online versions will be available).  Your input into this process is vital – for you to be heard and for the teams to develop a plan that reflects the needs of our Neighbourhood – keep a look out for the survey!

THE BIG SURVEY: The survey is looking to get your opinions on what type of development within the village you feel is needed – do we need more flats, sheltered homes and if so how quickly should we allow for growth in the village.  We will also be seeking your input to help us shape thoughts around our transport needs (use of private and public transport – and of course parking !!).  The survey will also help us develop our policies around supporting our heritage, developing our community and recreational facilities and groups.

The survey is a really critical part of the Neighbourhood Planning process – we really do need your input and ideas to help shape our future together.  Please take the time to complete it and if you can, please join one of the groups to help develop the plans even further.

Alongside the survey, the working groups are sorting the information collected so far.  A big thank you to all that attended the public meeting back in July.  This was a great success and showed the passion and imagination that exists across our village to help drive and shape the Neighbourhood plan.  From this information and the survey – the groups will be thinking about what Policies should go into the draft Neighbourhood Plan; this plan will be the legal document that will help to shape the future of Elstead and the Weyburn area of Peper Harow for at least the next 15 years.

WEYBURN: Alongside the Neighbourhood plan – we are obviously interested in the The Linden Homes Planning Application at the Weyburn site.  This plan is for houses and a care home and should be heard by the Waverley Planning Committee before Christmas. There have been a large number of objections mainly about the number of homes proposed, inadequate parking, poor pedestrian access to Elstead and the distance of the site from the village centre. There have also been objections on environmental grounds and there are problems with the allocation of school places because Weyburn is in Peper Harow Parish, not Elstead.

BONFIRE HILL: And finally, the agents for the owners of Bonfire Hill have submitted a revised request to Waverley for the release from the Green Belt of some land round the lower edges of the Hill for housing, including some social and affordable homes, if a need is established. This is not a Planning Application.

Please do get involved in helping shape your Neighbourhood Plannot only is it fun (honestly!), with a lively and enthusiastic bunch of people – it really is something that will make a difference to Elstead and Weyburn in the coming years. 

We need you to get this right !