EVN Article November 2014


We want it to remain a good place to live and work in for the future, so we are setting up a Neighbourhood Development Plan to give us more say in what is built where, when and to what design.

The Waverley Local Plan Consultation identified two sites on the edge of Elstead that could be used for up to 90 new homes between now and 2031 – Weyburn Works and Croft Nursery. They also expect up to 70 homes to be built within the village in the normal way in the same period.

The Neighbourhood Plan will be set up by Elstead Residents and the Parish Council.

 It can’t happen without YOU!

 There will be a public meeting

At St James’s School, Elstead

On Thursday November 13th 8:00 pm

Information will be on display from 7:00 pm

More information on the Elstead Plan website: www.surreycommunity.info.elstead-plan