There was quite a good turnout for this meeting at St James’s School, with over 50 signing the register and a good supply of sandwiches & soft drinks. There were presentations and exhibitions by the five Working Groups and everybody was asked to write down their concerns and ideas for the future of the village and pass them to the relevant Group. There were very few young people present and almost all those who attended receive information from the Elstead Village News Magazine, rather than the Village Facebook page or the local websites. Consultant Angela Koch led the Meeting.

A lot of ideas and concerns were put forward and the NP Working Groups will have their work cut out to sort them all out. If anybody suggested something that they particularly want pursued it would be a good idea if they follow it up with the Group themselves, rather than waiting for action to be taken by the Group, who are all volunteers with busy lives. This can be done by contacting a member of the Group, the Chair of the Steering Group, Parish Councillor Jane Jacobs or the Elstead Parish Council Clerk, Elaine Felton.

A message can also be passed through the contact form on the dedicated Elstead Plan web pages at www.elsteadplan.info. There is a lot of information about the Neighbourhood Plan on these pages and more will be added as it becomes available.


There is plenty of work to be done gathering evidence for submission in support of the Neighbourhood Plan Policies, which will eventually become part of local Planning Regulations. Anybody with an interest and a little time to spare is very welcome to get involved, or at least to make sure that their ideas are heard.


At the end of this process there will be a referendum for all residents of Elstead and Peper Harow and if the Plan is not properly constructed and based on thorough investigation of residents’ needs it will fail.


This is for everybody to decide, from school children to pensioners and is a once only chance to influence the future development of Elstead & Weyburn for the next 15-20 years.