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Name That Bar!


We're looking for idease to name the bar. The name of the registered company will change from Calder Vale Country Club to Calder Vale Community Hub. With this change we will ne longer have members. We'll have shareholders and community users. This means we'll no longer be a club or The Club.

So please send in your suggestions for a name for the bar. We'll compile them in to a short list and then have a vote.


Some ideas so far are:

The Calder.
The Calder Weaver.
The Lappet.
The Lappet Loom.
The Lappet Weaver

The Slattering end.
The Weavers Knot.
The Overlookers Rest.
The Flying Shuttle.
Hattersley's last stand

1)Simply Calder, 2)Caldemeet, 3) InnCalder, 4)Caldow, 5)Caldra

The weavers 
Calder weavers 
Weavers rest 
The Calder

The Weavers Knot. Set 'm on. The Bob Jack and Reed Hook, The Warp, The Weft Break.