Calder Vale Country Club is changing to Calder Vale Community Hub Ltd

CV Community Hub

Ok, bear with us here... this is a bit of a read but incredibly important!


We've been working hard to make the changes you asked for. Very soon Calder Vale Country Club will become Calder Vale Community Hub Ltd.

So what does this mean exactly?

We'll be making changes to include a cafe and a shop alongside the bar and community space. We've already been registered by Wyre Borough Council as an Assert of Community Value. The Community Hub will be registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as a Community Benefit Society. Residents of the Calder Vale and the wider community will soon be able to buy shares in the Hub. It will become owned by the community (shareholders).

The great thing is that buying shares means you can support this valuable community project and it won't cost a penny. Shares are not transferable or tradeable but you can withdraw them in due course  More about shares later. Watch the news for details. The main change for now is you no longer need to be a member to enjoy your community hub.

Come in and catch up with friends or make some new ones. Join a proper social network.


A couple of years ago the committe were advised by the CIU to update the constitution.

Following consultation with the members and then a vote at the 2021 AGM it was agreed we would become a Coop or a Community Benefit Society. 

The came a long period of further consultation with both members and local residents.

After the 2022 AGM a working group was formed to look in depth into the implications of our agreed change.

The working group reported back to the committee having done extensive research into the processes and benefits of a CBS. We did this with the help of Plunkett.

The working group recommended that the CBS transfer became a point of focus in order to bring benefits to the local community and srrounding area. The nature of the CBS then needed work so we undertook further consutation and agreed to extend the opening hours by adding a shop and cafe alongside the bar and to welcome all of the community not just members. 

We became aware of various grants and funds which would help us in our goals to open up the Hub to a diverse range of user from the local and wider community. We are passionate about supporting personal wellbeing, helping to prevent rural isolation and to promote community cohesion. We are commited to working sustainably by improving our energy useage, using local produce and using local suppliers. These goals will also help sustain the local area.

We are now working with Barnacre and Bonds Parish Council, Plunkett UK, Coop, Wyre Borough Council, Lancashiore Environmental Fund and a number of other support Organisations. 

We have recently been listed as an Asset Of Community Value by Wyre Borough Council.


We are fortunate that our community consists of so many wonderful people that want to continue the growth of our "real social network". We hope our space continues to nurture the sense of community of everyone who comes through the doors.


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