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Butter Hill Community Group


Butter Hill Residents Association & Community
Looking back on 2021 and forward to 2022. I just want to say how blessed I am, to live in such a great community. A special thanks to Chris, Jo, John, Harley, Lynn, Anna,  Allsorts Premier, Lynn, Alicia, Katharine and Jean who have really helped pull this community together and thank you to all the residents that support our local shop, businesses The RA and each other. Also a very special thanks to Sara from The Sutton Way (SWAY) - Residents Page Way and Sheldon who stepped in to help me and the Residents Association. I couldn’t do it without you.
May 2022 be a great year for you all.xx
Fly-tipping & Bin Solution - Butter Hill
From Cllr Barry Lewis:
It has been agreed that the bin outside the shops on Butter Hill is to be located on the pavement as shown in the photo. The mobile response team that empty the bin are aware of its new location and will ensure it is returned there rather than in front of residential properties.
It is currently a standard bin but should be replaced with a sensor bin sometime in August, at the moment there is a shortage of computer chips that operate the sensors.
Temporary signage about flytipping has been installed and Kingdom enforcement officers will make additional patrols. A sensor camera is to be installed but I don't have confirmation as to when.
If you can, please take your litter home, or better still don't create it in the first place.
Air Pollution Project
** Update: Monitors have now arrived**
We made a succesful bid for funding Air Pollution monitors, we are hoping to start this project in April.
Ten air pollution monitoring tubes will be placed around Carshalton and Wallington
Our volunteers will collect the tubes which will be sent off to a lab for analysis
Butter Hill Litter Picking
We recently held another litter picking event (Sunday 6th February)
5 Residents, Sara from (@TheSuttonWay) and Ward Councillors attended and we got a lot cleared
but there is still more work to do! 
Please join us at our monthly litter pick (1st Sunday of every month - meet outside All Sorts News Agent 9am)
Community AED Defibrillator 
I would advise that previous experience or first aid qualification/training is not necessary however please find herewith an online link to a professionally recorded full demonstration training session including FAQs. We also advise that you retain this for future reference and refresher sessions
Neighbourhood Placemaking
Butter Hill - evening drop in session.

A second drop in session is being held at Trinity Church, Manor Road, Wallington on Tuesday 07 December between 6 pm and 8 pm.

A great chance to share your thoughts with councillors and officers as to how we can shape Butter Hill as a safe and desirable place to live in the 21st Century.
We would love to see you there, if you can't make it don't forget you can take an active part in the consultation by completing the survey at
A little more information on one of the topics of our recent Residents Association Meeting 9 November 2021.
NHS Updates
Primary care networks: 
What will clinical pharmacy in PCNs look like?
  • Numbers of clinical pharmacists will be expanded and, by 2023/24, a typical PCN of 50,000 patients could choose to have its own team of approximately six whole-time equivalent (WTE) clinical pharmacists.
  • A dedicated team will make it possible to create varied and tailored roles, which will be primarily patient facing and clinical in nature:
  1. • Undertaking structured medication reviews
  2. • Improving medicines optimisation and safety
  3. • Improving antimicrobial stewardship
  4. • Supporting care homes
  5. • Running practice clinics
  6. • Linking in with pharmacist colleagues in other sectors.
Wondering if the Covid-19 jab is safe for your school child?
Watch health care professionals answer parents and carers’ questions about the vaccine here:


Sutton Council candidate election event
The Council will soon be hosting an online event offering an insight for residents into what it takes to become a councillor.
The panel sessions will see both councillors and senior officers discuss what it's like to be a councillor in Sutton, provide an overview of some of the opportunities and challenges facing the borough, as well as answer questions.
If you know of any residents interested in standing for the council, please ask them to complete this short form (
For more information on this event, email Committee Services or call the team on 020 8770 4990.


Civic Act of Remembrance, Holy Trinity Church Wallington, Sunday 14 November | Sutton Council

Moped Crime Public Meeting – Thursday 11th November 7pm – 9pm All Saints Church Carshalton

Butter Hill Neighbourhood Place-Making Drop-In sessions

Message from the Council

Meet the Team in Person

We will be holding a drop-in session in the Butter Hill area to enable residents and interested parties to speak directly with Council staff. The details are as follows:

  • Tuesday 9th November 2021, 11am - 2pm and 4pm - 7pm - Trinity Centre, Holy Trinity Church, Malden Road, Wallington SM6 8BL

Butter Hill Meeting 14.10.21 with Neil Garratt

Here are a few of the things we have been up to:-

Community Notice Board - Public Realm Funding as many of you know last year we were successful in our bid to get a Community Notice Board which is located next to the Post Box on Butter Hill

First Aid Training - arlier this year some of you attended a First Aid Training Workshop at Sutton College, this was a two hour workshop that gave the basic training of what goes in a first aid box, CPR including defib demo, choking and major bleeds. We also discussed signs of a stroke and heart conditions.

Funding for AED Machine - Public Realm Funding This year we placed a bid for a grant for a Defibrillator, our bid was successful and we are just awaiting to receive the funding from the council.

Building and maintaining A Website

Attending Local Events to find out more about local resources, charities and other events.

Regular Litter Picks (1st Saturday of every month)

Keeping in touch with our local MP and councillors across the borough