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Fly-tipping & Bin Solution - Butter Hill
From Cllr Barry Lewis:
It has been agreed that the bin outside the shops on Butter Hill is to be located on the pavement as shown in the photo. The mobile response team that empty the bin are aware of its new location and will ensure it is returned there rather than in front of residential properties.
It is currently a standard bin but should be replaced with a sensor bin sometime in August, at the moment there is a shortage of computer chips that operate the sensors.
Temporary signage about flytipping has been installed and Kingdom enforcement officers will make additional patrols. A sensor camera is to be installed but I don't have confirmation as to when.
If you can, please take your litter home, or better still don't create it in the first place.
Air Pollution Project
** Update: First Set of Results have arrived**
Ten air pollution monitoring tubes have been placed at locations around Carshalton, Wallington and Hackbridge
The first set of results have arrived and soon we should receive a 2nd set of results
Community AED Defibrillator 
We  made a successful bid for AED which is located in the local shop.
I would advise that previous experience or first aid qualification/training is not necessary however please find herewith an online link to a professionally recorded full demonstration training session including FAQs. We also advise that you retain this for future reference and refresher sessions: