The pond is actually a Victorian 'borrow pit' - soil was extracted around 1848 when the new railway line to Windsor came through the area (before this time, the village of Feltham was much smaller and centred around St Dunstan's Church - with some larger houses on what we now know as the High Street, linked to Hanworth Park). Hanworth Road was re-directed when the bridge was built (it previously ran past Bridge House and formed a T-junction with the Hounslow Road).

The extracted soil created an embankment to meet a new road bridge over the railway line. 

In 2018, work began to widen the road which turned the previous embanmkent into a wall. 

The pond was originally within the grounds of Bridge House. When the Feltham Urban District Council took over the building at the start of the 20th Century, the area became municipal gardens.

After Hounslow Council took over the site in the 1960s, the park continued to be maintained and has had various improvements over the years - including in the 1990s, which changed the landscaping and dug out the pond. However, by 2015 changes in parks contracts had left the pond neglected and overgrown, and the pond was hardly visible past willow trees.

The Council agreed cut back the trees, and in March 2016 volunteers cleared litter and scrub from the site - including shopping trolleys, power tools and 40 bags of litter.


Work is currently underway for a series of improvement to the pond, including renewed decking, improvements to the island, and thinning the trees further. A new habitat for invertibrates has been created. The plan is that the area around the pond is managed as an nature area.