Creating social networking opportunities 社交活動

Fundraising for charities - previously included Christie Hospital, CALL 慈善機構 籌款 例如Christie 醫院,癌症協助及聆聽熱線

Cultural learning through events and language exchange 文化及語言交流

Listen to the Chinatown programme on BBC Radio Manchester.  BBC 廣播電台


Support & Information


We can provide 我們可以提供:

- Signposting and guidance information 提供華人資訊

- Counselling on cultural conflict 文化衝突輔導

- Singles Matching Service 單身配對服務 / 結交異性朋友

- Social and networking events / cultural entertainment 聯誼活動 / 文藝娛樂

- Language practising, interpretation etc. 語言練習, 翻譯

- Promotion and participation in Media Projects. 媒體項目


Events & Activities


We put on a range of events and activities throughout the year. Some are arranged by other organisations/individuals, which we may tag onto, and/or help support by promoting them.

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Our sports events are organized by GI-Sport who we are closely affiliated with.  GI-Sport provide regular sporting events, where you can come and play for fun, to keep fit and to meet new friends!  The group arranges regular sport sessions including, and not limited to, badminton, basketball and football.