Fate Station Audio

Fate Station Audio

A cantonese produced audio programme by one of the producer/presenters of BBC Radio Manchester's Eastern Horizon.  

Chats with various members of the Chinese community, and songs produced by local chinese, or sourced with permission from Hong Kong.





We host events throughout the year, or support events hosted by others.


Join us to meet new friends or catch up with existing friends.

Events include:

- yam cha and social dinners

- activities such as karaoke, hiking and BBQ

- careers / professional networking

- cultural awareness sessions

- language support sessions (Cantonese, Hakka and Mandarin)

- discreet match making for singles


Cantonese language WeChat

Cantonese language WeChat

Can you decipher this?

Seung leen jap gwong dung wah….wechat ngor dei lah. 唔識!? 算!?  Google 沒用...

 係唔係學好先?  Google translates this to:

Department of GOD before you agree you want to learn ?

So wrong....yet so funny.

What you can do...

- Scan the WeChat code to join us in the Canto talk group

- Learn about the phrases you hear but don't know the meaning of

- Learn the characters you hear but don't know what they look like

中 英 聯 會

Connecting the British Chinese Community

The British Chinese Network© (BCN) is comprised of volunteers who provide a connection and support to the British Chinese Community.  The website is just one of the methods to facilitate this by providing a “communication portal”.

The information we provide includes:

  • Events and news for the community
  • Services provided by BCN members
  • Affiliates & Supporters of BCN
  • Other community organisations

By hosting events, BCN provides a portal for people to reach out to other members of the British Chinese community.  In the past, BCN has hosted regular events (including dinner parties, outdoor activities and business networking).  Events have resulted in gaining new friendships, connections and relationships.

Supporting US

We are run by volunteers and welcome any donations to help support the work we do and to help finance future community events and projects. If you wish to make a donation, please contact us.  All donations gratefully received.  Alternatively, we will accept support in kind.  

Supporting the community

Support and services are also available for the wider region including other cities such as Birmingham, Bristol, London, and even Hong Kong.  However, this really depends on the active members of the British Chinese Network community, who are willing to provide the support.

Check our facebook page for special announcements and events.



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