1. What is BCN?

British Chinese Network

Organize social activities including dinner gatherings, entertainment, excursions and sports. We also fundraise for charity.

We provide a medium for Chinese communities to connect together.

Greater Manchester

2. Participation

No. Joining us is free.  The only charges that you will have are to the venues we use, or for your own consumption.

No.  As long as you can contact us and let us know you're coming.  However, we suggest you do sign up so that we have less admin overhead.  We are only a small group of volunteers.

Do keep checking our facebook page for activities.

Just let us know you want to so we can expect you, then turn up.

The best way would be to join the facebook group as most of our invitations are sent via facebook. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our mailing list which also acts as an event registration form when there is an event.

All sorts, depending on demand. Mostly dinner and drinks gatherings. We do regular sport activities, day trips and fundraising just to name a few.

Regular meets are usually once a month.
Sports are now hosted by GI-Sports.
Fundraisers take place once or twice a year.

Sure, we welcome all suggestions.  Just send us your suggestion by our feedback form.

Activities are organized on the availability of volunteers, venue, and subject to demand.  If you would like a fuller explanation, please feel free to email us.

3. Supporting BCN

The simplest way is to attend our activities.

Other ways include providing help in one or more of the following categories:

  •     Administration
  •     Contacts and Networking
  •     Financial
  •     Marketing and Promotion
  •     Research and Development   
  •     Venue Hire

If you can support us in any other ways, feel free to get in touch with us.

We also accept donations in kind so we can use those for our fundraising events.

Just send us your request and we will do our best to support you.  If we can't, we will try to signpost you or establish contacts so you'll be closer to your goal.

4. Getting in touch

No. We are a group of volunteers and as such, unincorporated, so we don't have a postal address.