We receive interest from various people in the Arts, Media and Entertainment industry.  Sometimes they’re looking for British Chinese participation.  Other times, they could be British Chinese themselves and are promoting performances and shows.


Breaking the barrier

Let's break the barrier of "invisibility" imposed on the British East Asian sector & truly reflect the state of the nation!

This petition needs to reach 1,000 signatures before it's presented as leverage to commissioning editors, casting depts, etc.


Get Involved

There are media projects currently happening, which involve the British Chinese. Visit our media page if you want to participate or find out what events are on.


Chinese Radio - Manchester

The founder of the British Chinese Network is also a radio DJ/presenter at BBC Radio Manchester. If you would like to be interviewed for the radio, or have a story to share, then send an email to dee.lo@bbc.co.uk with the subject "Chinatown radio programme" (or it gets lost in the ocean).  You can listen to the latest to the latest programme on the BBC Radio Manchester site.



Chinatown Arts Space

Supporting East-Asian Visual and Performing Arts - British Chinese Network 


External Media Participation

Here are just some of the projects where organisations have contacted BCN in the past to invite British Chinese to take part.

 For More Projects visit the Media page.