We receive interest from various people in the Arts, Media and Entertainment industry.  Sometimes they’re looking for British Chinese participation.  Other times, they could be British Chinese themselves and are promoting performances and shows.


FateStation 緣份站

We support local Chinese talent in the UK by including their music in our regular audio programme, and/or featuring them on our web site.  Support is also available for the Chinese community from doreimistudio.co.uk with the provision of digital marketing services including digital consultancy for websites and also assisting in the promotion of events through the creation of content and copy for social media channels. 


Breaking the barrier

Let's break the barrier of "invisibility" imposed on the British East Asian sector & truly reflect the state of the nation!

This petition needs to reach 1,000 signatures before it's presented as leverage to commissioning editors, casting depts, etc.


Get Involved

There are media projects currently happening, which involve the British Chinese. 


Chinese Radio - Manchester

We used to have access to a Chinese community programme called "Eastern Horizon" on BBC Radio Manchester, but this programme was discontinued by the BBC in October 2018.  If anyone is interested in providing an on-air platform for us to share our voice, we have access to BBC Radio Manchester's bilingual presenters and the British East Asian Artists network, and more from within the community.



Chinatown Arts Space

Supporting East-Asian Visual and Performing Arts - British Chinese Network 


External Media Participation

Here are just some of the projects where organisations have contacted BCN in the past to invite British Chinese to take part.