Roadworks:11th-28th October Sutton Road near Anne Boleyn. BT. Multi way traffic lights

                     17th - 24th October Ashingdon Road near Church Road. Openreach Multi way traffic lights.

                     24th Oct 9.30-3.30pm Lower Road closure near Lemons Fencing. Openreach

                     25th Oct- 29th Oct Main Road Hockley, near Bull Pub. Essex CC Traffic lights





Update on local flooding:

1   Moons Close to Highcliff Crescent. Essex County Highways (ECH) say the problem is with the connection onto Anglian Water main drain. ECH to inform Anglian Water. It is not known if this has been done .

2     Lower Road junction with Greensward Lane. ECH attempted to jet the drains but had to abandon the operation due to traffic management and the road being too narrow. They are deciding what to do next.

3    Adjacent to 621 Ashingdon Road flooding to footpath and road. ECH have inspected. Water is running off the field. They have passed to ECC Environment Team.


If you see flooding around your area please report to

Should problems persist contact your District Councillior or County Councillior.










Update on Asset Delivery Programme










Rochford District Council has agreed to re open the public toilets and create a parish room at Ashingdon Pavillion King George's Field. Ashingdon Parish Council will manage and maintain under a 7 year lease. 


New solar farm South Fambridge:

For more details on this project visi




A new bench has been installed on the grass verge outside Ashingdon Memorial Hall after the previous one was damaged.