What we grow


One of the pleasures of having an allotment plot is being able to grow something that looks and tastes good. You can enjoy the flavour of fruit and vegetables fresh from the plot, grow unusual varieties that aren’t readily available in the shops, and know exactly what has gone into them.


The basic food crops we grow on allotment plots now are probably much the same as a century ago, when the society started – such as potatoes, cabbages, carrots, leeks, onions and rhubarb. Tomatoes, courgettes, squashes and sweetcorn are also firm allotment favourites, along with fruit – apples, pears, plums, raspberries and strawberries. 


Many plots are now planted in a cottage garden style, with a profusion of flowers and herbs mixed in with the fruit and veg. Flowers such as nasturtiums and marigolds are also grown as companion plants, to encourage pollinating insects and help ward off damage from pests and diseases. The petals and young leaves of nasturtiums can be eaten as a decorative and peppery addition to salads.


Our tastes have become more cosmopolitan over the years, reflecting changes in popular cuisine, foreign travel and nationalities on our site. With increased interest in growing healthy and ‘super’ foods, many people enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of growing something that’s new, unusual or difficult in UK conditions. Pak choi and other oriental vegetables, sweet potatoes, aubergines, amaranth, goji berries and kiwi fruit are now often seen alongside more traditional fruit and veg. 


Allotment gardeners have a long tradition of growing the best, most uniform and perfect produce for display at local or national shows - and some of our members enjoy growing heavyweight marrows and pumpkins for giant vegetable competitions.


Whatever your growing style, an allotment plot provides a breath of fresh air in a crowded and busy world, and a congenial place to relax and chill out with family and friends.


We’re a friendly bunch, so don’t worry if you’re a newcomer to allotment gardening. You'll find plenty of help and advice available if you need it. We welcome both novice and experienced gardeners.

Join us & give it a go!


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