Question: How much does it cost to rent a plot?

  • Answer: Your rent will depend on the area of your plot, and whether it has a shed or greenhouse – and all our plots are different. A typical full-size plot (250 sq m) currently costs about £40 per calendar year, with smaller plots in the £30 to £40 range. You will also have to pay a £50 deposit when you join, which is refundable provided you hand back your gate key, clear the plot and leave it in good condition.

Question: How do I pay my rent?

  • Answer: Plots are let by the calendar year (1st January to 31st December), and your rent is payable annually in advance. We collect rents in the trading hut between 10am and 12 noon on Sunday mornings between 1st October and 31st December. All rents must be paid by 31st December for the following year, otherwise you risk losing your plot.

Question: Does the society have third-party public liability insurance?

  • Answer: Yes. The society has £5 million third-party public liability insurance cover through Shield Total Insurance. Members also have personal liability cover as a benefit of the society’s affiliation to the National Allotment Society (NSALG).

Question: Does the society provide insurance for members’ property left on site?

  • Answer: No. We strongly advise you NOT to leave valuable items on site, especially power tools and equipment. The site is unguarded, and (like most allotment sites) we have suffered a number of break-ins and thefts over the years. The society accepts no responsibility for items brought onto the site, which are strictly at the owner’s risk.

Question: How can I obtain more information, or rent an allotment plot?

  • Answer: Use the on-line enquiry form in the ‘Contact us’ section of this website.

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Question: Where can I find the society’s rules?

  • Answer: Your membership card contains the society’s basic rules, and further rules may be found in the registration form that you sign when you join. The society also has a health and safety policy. All three documents may be found on the 'Downloads' page of this website. Please read and observe our rules and safety policy. They are intended for the benefit and safety of everyone on site.

Question: May I put up a shed or greenhouse?

  • Answer: Yes – provided you first obtain approval from the committee. Amongst other requirements, your shed or greenhouse must be not more than 8’x6′ in plan and 7’6″ high. Our rules permit only one shed and one greenhouse per member. You must also obtain approval if you wish to replace or modify a shed or greenhouse, or construct a polytunnel, shelter or similar structure, or a fence. Fences around plots are not normally permitted.

Question: May I keep chicken?

  • Answer: We only allow chicken to be kept on a small number of designated plots around one corner of our site, well away from neighbouring houses. If you have such a plot, you must first obtain the committee’s permission to keep chicken and approval for a chicken house and enclosure. You will also have to comply with the society's animal welfare policy. Chicken are a major long-term commitment, requiring daily attention, and should not be taken on lightly.

Question: Where can I leave rubbish?

  • Answer: We have no disposal facilities on site for rubbish or recycling. Rubbish is costly and time-consuming for the society to dispose of, so please take away all non-compostable rubbish, especially broken glass and hazardous waste, and dispose of it responsibly at home or at the council tip. Please don’t bring rubbish or recycling to the site, and please don’t leave rubbish lying around for others to clear up. You may be dismissed from the society if you do so.

Question: May I light a bonfire?

  • Answer: Bonfire smoke has in the past resulted in complaints from neighbours and the Environmental Health Officer, and has led to threats of prosecution. We strongly recommend that you do not light fires. You will be held personally responsible for any nuisance caused and complaints received.

Question: May I bring my dog onto the site?

  • Answer: Yes. Well-behaved dogs are welcome on the site, but must be kept on a lead at all times, and must not be allowed to stray onto other members’ plots. Please pick up and take away any dog mess.

Question: May I bring my car onto the site?

  • Answer: Yes. We have car parks at the upper and lower ends on the site. Please be careful when driving on site, and observe the 5 mph speed limit. Please also be considerate when parking. Cars are brought onto the site at the owner’s risk.

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Question: Do your members grow organically?

  • Answer: Many of our members grow organically, but we are not an organic site, and we don’t have an area devoted to organic growing. We allow members to decide for themselves how they wish to grow their crops. Most of us keep the use of chemicals, weedkillers and pesticides to a minimum, but we can offer no assurances about how your plot was cultivated in the past.

Question: Is there a water supply on site?

  • Answer: There is no mains water on site, but we have about 40 manually-operated water pumps, which are available for use by all members. Some of these pumps have connectors suitable for petrol-driven pumps. The water comes from boreholes in the ground, so should only be used for watering plants. It should not be used for drinking unless boiled or sterilised first.

Question: Is there mains electricity on site?

  • Answer: No. Petrol-driven or battery-powered tools and equipment should be used instead.

Question: Is there a shop on site?

  • Answer: Yes. We have an on-site, members-only shop, which sells gardening essentials such as composts, fertilisers and weedkillers, together with seed potatoes and onion sets in season. We do not sell plants or produce. The shop is normally open on Sunday mornings between 10am and 12 noon.

Question: Can I buy plants and seeds from the shop?

  • Answer: No. But society members can buy seeds, fruit trees, bushes and other sundry items from the Kings Seeds/ National Allotment Society catalogue at significantly discounted prices.
Question: Is there a toilet on site?
  • Answer: Yes. It’s next to the trading hut, and has provision for people with disabilities. We do not have mains water on site, so you should flush the toilet by collecting water from the nearby pump, using the bucket kept inside the toilet. Please leave the toilet clean for other to use.

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