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Site view 3Chattern Hill allotment site lies just off Feltham Road, Ashford, and is in the Surrey Borough of Spelthorne. With over 170 large, medium and small allotment plots, the site covers 8 acres. The society has a 50-year lease on the site until 2061. 


The site has probably been in continuous cultivation since the 14th Century, and formed part of Ashford’s common field, known as ‘Newlands’. It was purchased by Middlesex County Council in 1912 as part of the Ashford Smallholdings Estate, and has been used as allotments ever since. The society sent 505 cabbages to the navy during World War I, and took part in the ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign during World War II. The site is now owned by Surrey County Council. 


hedgehogOur site lies within the Spelthorne Green Belt, and the adjoining fields form part of the Ashford Smallholdings Estate. Local wildlife includes foxes, hedgehogs, frogs, grass snakes and many garden and farmland birds. We have a small nature plot to encourage wildlife.


There are about 40 manual water pumps on the site for watering crops. All pumps are available for use by any member. There is a plentiful supply of underground water, so we are not subject to drought restrictions in summer. Many of the pumps have a connector for attaching a petrol-driven pump. 


Manure is delivered to the site by local stables, and is freely available to all – but you'd better be quick! We also have a number of communal wheelbarrows for anyone to use.  


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