The Charity Commission Number for Alresford Village Hall is 201233 

Date 14th August 2020


The Trustees have developed Risk Assessments for the Village Hall to be available for regular hire to recommence when groups feel comfortable to do so.

The groups will be expected to conform to the Hall's Risk Assessment and if required develop their own Assessment to support safe use.

All users for the foreseeable future will be required to agree a temporary Covid Contract as well as normal Contract of Hire.

Please be aware that the situation can change quickly and the Trustees reserve the right to alter the terms of hire if guidelines require us to do so.

Please click on the heading 'AVH COVID-19 Risk Assessment' and then see the following documents COVID VILLAGE HALL RISK ASSESSMENT, HIRERS RISK ASSESSMENT AND COVID CONTRACT.


Russell Milburn Chair

Date 28th June


Information from ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England)


Unfortunately all the Government guidance and Legislation is not yet in place so the detail is not available.  We expect to have more information by the end of this week earliest so it will be next week before further detail is available.


For the time being the law still states, despite all the announcements: 


The relevant Health Protection regulations remain in force as from 15th June until they are changed.


5. (7) A person who is responsible for a community centre must ensure that, during the emergency period, the community centre is closed except where it is used to provide 


(a) essential voluntary activities or urgent public support services (including the provision of food banks or other support for the homeless or vulnerable people, blood donation sessions or support in an emergency), or


(b) for early years childcare provided by a person registered on the Early Years Register under Part 3 of the Childcare Act 2006.


(c) to host an indoor market


“Early years childcare” is defined as in the Childcare Act 2006 and means for children from birth to five years old.


Date 25th June 2020

Coronavirus COVID 19 UPDATE


The Trustees of Alresford Village Hall are currently Risk Assessing using Covid 19 Government Guidance with regards to re-opening of the Village Hall for use that will ensure the safety of the Users, Cleaner and Trustees.


Instructive signage will then have to be purchased and placed in the hall.  Also, Hand Sanitiser and paper towelling along with disposal means will be installed.


The Village Hall Insurer will have to confirm our Risk Assessment prior to opening and all users requiring to restart their hires will need to agree and sign a confirmation that they will take responsibility for enforcing The Village Hall COVID 19 Risk Assessment conditions. 



Date 7th June 2020

Coronavirus COVID 19 UPDATE

Still adhering to Government guidance regarding non-essential gatherings the village hall will remain closed until further notice.

All hires have been cancelled throughout June/ July and reviews are being made as more is known of the Government’s plan to gradually and safely come out of lock down.

For many of the regular user groups this will take us into the Summer break so the earliest that some may be back in the hall is September.

When more is known the Alresford Village Hall Management Committee will need to prepare the hall to comply with all the regulations regarding gatherings to meet socially. This could mean extensive risk assessments by the Trustees and the user groups themselves.

We will also have to ensure adequate deep cleaning is available with the cleaner having the correct PPE at all times.

Of course, things can change very quickly, and all updates can be seen on the VH Website or Facebook page.

The Trustees have in the period of Lockdown been able to obtain a Rates refund for the 2020/21 year and a substantial grant to offset the loss of revenue during this Pandemic.


Date 25th April 2020

Cancellation of Family Fun Day

'The Alresford Fete Organizing Group (AFOG )  is sadly announcing the cancellation of the Family Fun Day scheduled for Saturday 4th July 2020.
We have monitored the UK Governments advice and consulted with the Parish Council surrounding mass gatherings and it is clear this is the correct course of action to ensure the safety and protection of all in our community and those who work so hard to make this event happen. We must also ensure that we do not add to the pressure on those who are working so hard to fight the virus.
The AFOG ask everyone to stay safe and play your part in fighting the virus.  Look after each other and Stay at Home.''


Date:18th March 2020

Coronavirus COVID 19 Closure

In line with Government advice regarding non-essential social gatherings, we are unfortunately closing Alresford Village Hall until further notice.

The Trustees on the Alresford Village Hall Management Committee have unanimously decided that in the interest of Public safety and the safety and wellbeing of the Cleaner and Trustees who work daily to keep the hall available for use, there can be no other option.

For now, we are advising all booked users and private hirers that the hall will remain closed until the Government advises otherwise.

We apologise for any disappointment caused but the overall health and safety of all involved in the community of Alresford Village Hall is paramount.

Please feel free to contact the Trustees either by calling the Chair, Russell Milburn on 01206 825739 or via our website

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 A Registered Charity (number 301233) run by Trustees in providing a community Village Hall for residents to use for functions and regular events.

This superbly equipped and well maintained building is a perfect venue for many different funtions.

Whether is be a party or wedding reception, the well equipped kitchen would cater for most needs on a DIY basis or in conjuction with outside caterers.

We have a wide variety of regular user groups who use the hall and welcome any new ventures with open arms.

The Hall is also a perfect venue for one off events and can be hired for as little as £17.00.

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