The Charity Commission Number for Alresford Village Hall is 301233 


For all booking enquiries, please email alresfordvillagehall@gmail.com or telephone 07548 742796

Please note, the Village Hall is run by a group of volunteers and someone will respond to an email or telephone call as soon as possible.

Thank you



If inflatables i.e. bouncy castles to be used, Booking Clerk must be advised at time of booking and liability insurance certificate must be presented to Booking Clerk prior to hire.



27th January 2022

The Government has announced the lifting of all Covid 19 restrictions on the 27th of January except the requirement to isolate if you are infected with Covid/Omicron.

Face masks will no longer be required to be worn in community buildings or other public places.

Staff and children are no longer required to wear face masks in secondary schools from today.

The Work from Home requirement was lifted 19/01/2022.

It will no longer be required to provide a Covid Pass for events.

However, the Government recommends people continue to follow ‘safe behaviours’ as described below:

The government has announced that the measures put in place under plan B in England will be lifted. You should continue to follow safer behaviours to protect yourself and others:

·        Get vaccinated and get your booster dose

·         Wear a face covering in most indoor public places and on public transport

·         Let fresh air in if you meet indoors. Meeting outdoors is safer

·         Get tested and self-isolate if required


The Charity Commission Number for Alresford Village Hall is 301233 


DECEMBER 30th 2021

Please ensure good ventilation, face masks when entering and exiting and in confined spaces and sanitise hands.

The Trustees reserve the right to cancel bookings at short notice if Government regulation mandates or there is doubt that COVID safety cannot be fulfilled.



In England, face coverings are now required by law in most indoor public places

Face coverings are not required in hospitality venues where food and drink are consumed (such as pubs, cafés and restaurants), or during exercise (such as gyms), including dancing (such as nightclubs).

In indoor settings where a face covering is not legally required, you should continue to wear a face covering in crowded and enclosed spaces where you may encounter other people you do not normally meet.

Some people, including children under 11, are exempt from having to wear face coverings in any setting. Furthermore, anyone with a health condition or disability, which means they cannot wear a face covering, has a reasonable excuse for not wearing a face covering.


When to wear a face covering

Community centres (including village halls), youth centres, members clubs and social clubs

You are required to wear a face covering on entering any of these settings and must keep it on until you leave unless you are exempt or have a reasonable excuse for removing it. Examples of what would usually be a reasonable excuse are listed in the ‘If you are not able to wear a face covering’ section below.

You should continue to wear a face covering in other indoor places, especially those that are crowded and enclosed and where you may encounter people you do not normally meet.

Face coverings are not legally required in hospitality settings given that they cannot be worn while eating and drinking. 

Enforcement measures for failing to comply with this law

Settings in which face coverings are required must display signage or take other measures to ensure customers are aware of the requirement to wear a face covering on their premises where there is no applicable exemption or reasonable excuse.

The police and police community support officers can enforce compliance if members of the public do not comply with this law without a reasonable excuse. 

When you do not need to wear a face covering

Face coverings are only legally required in the settings listed in ‘When to wear a face covering’ section above. Settings which are exempt from wearing a face covering because it would not be practical to do so include:

• restaurants, cafés and canteens
• pubs, bars and shisha bars
• gyms and exercise facilities (including dance studios)
• leisure centres, swimming pools, and water and aqua parks
• photography studios
• nightclubs, dance halls and discotheques

Face coverings are also not required in premises or a part of a premises where the main activity is eating, drinking, exercising, or dancing. This might include venues being used to host wedding receptions or some music events as well as restaurants, pubs, bars, and nightclubs. This is because it is not practical for people to wear a face covering when eating or drinking, and it is not recommended that face coverings are worn when undertaking strenuous activity, including exercising and dancing.

While not mandatory, you should continue to wear a face covering in indoor places, which are crowded and enclosed and where you may encounter people you do not normally meet.


Here is a reasonable excuse for someone to remove a face covering when it is reasonably necessary for them to sing, for example, if they are singing as part of a choir, or during a service, rehearsal or for a performance.

This does not extend to circumstances where it is not reasonably necessary to sing. For example, it may not be reasonably necessary for someone to sing whilst shopping, on public transport, or whilst in an in-scope setting such as a cinema, theatre, or library.

This change allows those who are taking part in activities where singing is reasonably necessary to choose to remove their face covering if they prefer while singing.

Russell Milburn

Chair Alresford Village Hall Management Committee


Date: 14/07/2021

Coronavirus COVID 19 UPDATES

Following the Government Announcement that on the 19th of July all Level 3 restrictions are ceased, and we can now move into Stage 4, The Alresford Village Hall Management Committee will from that date be opening the village hall for use as normal.

We advise that all users follow the Government advice and take personal responsibility for their and others Covid safety. All users will be urged to sanitize on entry and exit, ventilate as much as possible and not enter if felling unwell.

See https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus for further guidance.

PLEASE respect others as we all gradually enter back into normal habits and feel free to call any Trustee if there are any concerns.





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 A Registered Charity (number 301233) run by Trustees in providing a community Village Hall for residents to use for functions and regular events.

This superbly equipped and well maintained building is a perfect venue for many different funtions.

Whether is be a party or wedding reception, the well equipped kitchen would cater for most needs on a DIY basis or in conjuction with outside caterers.

We have a wide variety of regular user groups who use the hall and welcome any new ventures with open arms.

The Hall is also a perfect venue for one off events and can be hired for as little as £17.00.

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