Upcoming Road Closures


Waples Mill Road March 29th & 30th 2021




The Parish Council seeks to get its fair share of their attention and budget. Typical matters that are brought to our attention are: -


  • Highways Issues including Public Rights of Way

The Parish Clerk will report issues on your behalf or you can use the link.  You will need the exact location, and photos are always helpful, and will be given a Track It reference. Only one report per issue.

  • Flytipping (not on private land)

EFDC Report It

  • Grass verge cutting

The Parish Council holds the Essex County Council contract for verge cutting in the Parish. This is carried out by our contractor under strict guidelines.


We are currently repairing and renewing the heritage signposts in the Parish with financial help from the Highways Devolution Project.


Our parish is well endowed with footpaths; the Three Forests Way traverses the middle of the parish, and the Essex Way passes through the edge of Berners. There are also a few bridleways and byways.  Our parish is on Ordnance Survey Explorer map 183. The Parish Council holds a copy of the ‘definitive’ map of PRoW’s. that may be examined on request.


The ‘Right to Roam’ Act (properly named ‘The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000) created open access to various areas. There are no Right to Roam areas within our Parish.  


The Parish Clerk will always try and help with issues wihtin the Parish but The Parish Council has no special powers regarding Highways and cannot get involved in private disputes.