The Parish Council's role in Planning

The Planning Services section of Epping fForest District Council (EFDC) provide Abbess, Beauchamp & Berners Roding Parish Council, as a statutory consultee, with details of all relevant Planning Applications received, thereby giving parishioners an opportunity to express an opinion on proposed developments.  When reviewing Planning Applications the Parish Council take into account any formal comments received from parishioners, and give regard to the impact of the proposal on:

·         the unique character of the villages and their environs

·         local conservation considerations

·         EFDC’s current Development Plan policies

The Parish Council’s view will be subitted online to EFDC if the proposal is unacceptable together with the policy reason for adopting this view.

The Parish Council does not normally comment if there is no objection to the application. 

The Parish Council may comment in support of the application.

For Epping Forest planning applications go to


Commenting on Planning Applications

If a resident wishes to comment on a proposed development they are advised to:

  •      use the EFDC online form 
  •      copy the comments to the Clerk 
  •      residents may make a verbal presentation to the Parish Council (contact the             Parish Clerk 

Parishioners should remember that the planning process conforms to a strict time table, and it is essential that they comply with the deadlines that this imposes.

How the Parish Council considers applications -

  1. At a Parish Council meeting
  2. At a specially convened planning meeting
  3. By email in certain circumstances