Chances funding


 The funds distributed by Lifetimes/Chances is money generated from our trading activities.  We do not merely act as an administrator for these funds but work hard to secure these funds for distributions.


We work with our chosen partners to deliver our funding to those in need and give grants directly to beneficiaries.  If you would like to work with us please email us on with details of your client beneficiaries and project ideas


                                              New partnership with crisis charity Hestia

Lifetimes -Chances is pleased to announce a new grant partnership with crisis charity Hestia. The grant will help to support women and children who have experienced domestic abuse to build a life beyond crisis.

The grant will help to get essential items for properties, such as electrical equipment, beds, and furniture, as women move on into their own accommodation.

The pandemic has highlighted the impact of domestic abuse within households across the UK and the vital need for extra support for people affected. Lifetimes-Chances is pleased to start this new funding stream with the assistance of Hestia.



Chances have used funding to help those suffering from the effects of Covid-19.We have made the following donations:

  • Made donations have been made to 4 foodbanks

  • Donated iPads and laptops to children with additional support needs
  • Supported parents with children with additional support needs
  • Provided activities for children with physical and mental health issues i.e. horse riding lessons that have improved social communication skills, physical movements and built confidence.
  • Specialist bikes for children with limits to their physical abilities


Our  funding in past years has provided assistance for over 2,750 people and included:


  • Summer projects for children including boxing classes and lunches
  • ESOL classes for refugee children and parents
  • After school classes for children at risk of falling behind in education
  • Activity holidays for children
  • Home improvements for families in need
  • Legal advice for young families at risk of homelessness
  • Musical equipment for primary school with children unable to afford musical equipment
  • Funding for weekly forums and lessons for single mothers
  • Funding towards drop in centres for refugee families
  • Funding for voluntary organisations whose work is to support families in need
  • Mental health training for families
  • Funding for workers helping women who flee from domestic violence