Location & Description

Location: Whitehall Park lies at the southern end of Darwen. It is adjacent to the town cemetery which lies to the north-east of the park and is divided by a stone wall. Also bordering the park to the south-east, is a disused quarry. The western side of the park being defined by Whitehall Road. To the south is open farmland and moorland.

The park takes the form of a long thin strip, 6.6ha in extent, which slopes steeply up.  The south end of the park gives way to the surrounding moorland. The site is divided into two parts by a walled public track running almost north/south across the park. The southern section forms the main body of the park.

Entrances and Approaches: The main entrance is at the northern end of the site, at the junction of Queen's Road and Cemetery Road. There are further entrances to the park from Queen's Road and Whitehall Road to the north, and from footpaths and the cemetery to the south and east.

From the main entrance, to the left lies the bowling green and the children's play area, occupying the site of the former White Hall Mill.

Approximately half-way along the central path, to the right of the bisecting public right of way, lies the Rose Garden created on the site of the former greenhouses / maintenance depot.

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