Whitehall Park is a listed Grade II Park. It was listed by Historic England in 1996.

The public park opened in 1879 and was enlarged further in 1887, 1899 and 1902.

DEVELOPMENT: Darwen Corporation acquired c 6ha (14a) of land from John Adamson in 1879 and Whitehall Park was opened the same year. Three further small plots of land (totalling c 0.6ha) were added between 1887 and 1902: in 1887 land was purchased from Mrs Vickers; in 1899 ground fronting on Cemetery Road was bought from J P Entwistle, extending the park to the north; and in 1902 the landholding was completed through a purchase of land from E Deakin.

The park has many historic features Including the main gates, the Lychgate, remains of the Walmsley Sundial, Catlow Drinking Fountain, Lightbown Fountain, Lovers Glen Waterfall & remains of siting of The Cannon.

More recent additions include the Rose Garden created on the site of the former greenhouses and the orchard created on the former site of the Bandstand.

More information on the features can be found by following the links or by scanning the QR codes within the park.

You can also use our guided walk link to navigate the park.