Denison Hall Social Club

Friday 27th October 2017



Mick Dempsey

Janet Maguire

Kath Child

Audrey Hook

June Evans

Margaret Wilkinson

David Taylor

Trisha Keighley

15 members attended


Bill Stevens chaired the meeting in Mick Dempsey's absence and thanked everyone for coming.



Bill Stevens informed everyone that complaints were received after the last meeting because many people could not hear what was being said.   This could have been because people were not speaking loud enough or because too many people were talking at once.

Bill stressed that we are in a committee meeting and not a social get together and that anyone who had anything to say should raise their hand so the chairman could say who they were for the benefit of the Minutes Secretary.

All agreed.


Bill said he had spoken to Kath and that she would like to thank everyone for all their messages and well wishes.  She really appreciates all the support.

We are waiting for the result of the bid for a grant from Skipton Building Society which should be known in November.

Bill also said that he would like to thank, on behalf of everyone, Angela, Mick and Janet for all the work they had done on the Wycoller walk and Angela for the Mystery walk.

All agreed how much they had enjoyed both walks.


Angela informed the meeting of the income and expendiure for the previous quarter and what the balance of group funds was.

Margery Manson stated that walk leaders should not have to fund the cost of recces themselves and that these should come out of group funds.

After some discussion it was agreed that expenses for recces would come from group funds.


Bill Stevens advised that October was the month that all applications for Management and Committee for 2018 should be received.

He asked if all present agreed to continue in their roles for 2018. All Management and Committee members present agreed accept for Brenda Townsend who stated that she did not wish to be considered for the position of Vice -chair.

Anglea Whitehead stated that as the position had been an honorary title for Brenda it did not seem necessary to fill the position.

All agreed.


The Monthly Wanders for the next programme are :

January - Slaithwaite to Morsden

February - Morecambe

March- Hollingworth Lake

The rail offer for Morecambe has not been advertised yet. Therefore it has been decided to have a back up/alternative destination i.e. Skipton if the offer is not forthcoming.

Christine Simpson said that it was a good idea to have an alternative anyway as there was always the possibilty of strikes, rail repairs etc.

The time and place will remain unaltered as shown on the programme.

A number of suggestions for wanders in 2018 have been received and a meeting is being arranged for Mangement/Walk Leaders to discuss these.


Bill Stevens expressed his thanks to Angela, Mick, Janet, Christine, Anne and Geoff for all their help with leading walks and to all the committee members for the work they have done.

Margery Manson thanked Angela for guiding 'two very old ladies' on the Wycoller walk.

Everyone was asked if they were happy with the walks and all agreed they were.


Janice Campbell advised that walk leaders had always provided prizes for the Christmas Cracker raffle but Angela said that it seemed unfair that walk leaders should have to pay for prizes as there was no reason why the cost of prizes should not come from group funds.

After some discussion it was agreed that in future all prizes would be provided out of group funds.

Janice informed that group that June Evans was concerned that she may be offending some wakers with her jokes that were sometimes a bit risque.  Everyone agreed that they were happy for June to continue with her jokes.   Doreen stated that as long as the jokes weren't prejudiced they were acceptable.

The subject of qualified first aiders was raised and Bill asked if anyone was aware of first aid refresher courses for walk leaders.

Angela said that she didn't think it was necessary as emergency numbers can be used on mobiles phones and advice given by professionals.

Margery pointed out that all walks are undertaken "at your own risk".

Janice informed the group that Brian was home from hospital and that she had sent him a Birthday card.

Angela told us that the insurance has been renewed, which had gone up by less than 50p a month. We will reconsider if it continues to rise.

Richard Gilbert said there were still places left if anyone wanted to attend the Christmas Lunch at The Cornmill.

Richard also asked if it would be ok to bring the collection boxes for St Georges Crypt as in other years.  It was unanimously agreed.

Bill Stevens thanked Doreen for the buffet and thanked Ann for taking the minutes and closed the meeting st 12.35pm.