Denison Hall Social Club

Friday 27th April 2018





MD (Chair) welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for attending.

Matters arising from previous minutes.

AW (Treasurer) enquired as to whether a vote had been taken on obtaining lanyards? MD advised that this would come up later in A.O.B.


AW informed the meeting of the current bank balance


WS informed the meeting that following the death of Trevor Maynard his,Trevor's, funeral had been well attended by WLWG and that Janice had more information about this later.

WS also announced that the Christmas Dinner for Monday and Friday walkers would again be at Napoleons Casino on 10th December 2018 at 12.30.

WS explained that photos can only be put on the website if you are a registered member and went on to explain how to register.

JM suggested that a note be put on the website inviting new members to come along and join in a walk first.  Contact details can be exchanged and their application to join be accepted on that meeting.

CAS is going to amend the website


The Whitby trip is sold out.

44 walking from Goathland to Grosmont.

8 staying on coach to go to Whitby

DC advised that on his walk on 8th August a bus will have to be used to get to Selby after the walk. Non walkers will go straight to Wetherspoons.


MD referred to the muddy conditions that had recently been experienced and urged the use of decent footwear.

JE said the walks were enjoyable and thanked the leaders.


JC informed the meeting that a thank you card had been received from Trevor and Diane's family. Enclosed in the card was a cheque for £75 to be used towards a coach trip.This is in appreciation of the enjoyment their parents got from being part of West Leeds Walking Group.

JC has sent a thank you note back.

CAS will acknowledge the donation on the website.

HH brought up the subject of the new GDPR Act and produced a copy of a form he had received.

WS with CAS's help will look into this.

MD checked that everyone has the medical info notes and is obtaining them for new walkers.

MD reminded everyone to check the expiry dates on bus passes as some had found them to be out of date when trying to use them.

WS advised that a first aid course was being arranged. AO's brother works for the British Red Cross and is willing to do the course free of charge. Asked if anyone would be interested 15 people said they would be.The course is open to all members.

The subject of lanyards was raised and a vote taken to see how many would be interested. The majority were against so it was decided not to go ahead for now.

MD is putting together an album of photographs of WLWG and asked if anyone has any photographs he could use. Green bag on tour photos welcome and good quality photos need to be included. He would like to take photos of walk leaders and committee today

MD brought up the subject of the beer festival held by The Fleece pub at Fartown Pudsey who had sponsored T shirts programme etc. Money raised would be for Yorkshire Air Ambulance and go to them via the pub and would also gain publicity for WLWG. WS asked how many people who went to the beer festival would be likeley to join WLWG and the answer was not many. It was decided to review this item at a later date as the walking group is quite full at the moment.

AW pointed out that she had been treasurer for two years and was wondering if it was necessary to have the AGM in January as this means that Christmas time is spent gathering information/organising etc. AW asked if we really needed four meeting per year and could we go to three instead. She proposed missing out the January meeting and having the AGM in April and suggested this be voted on at the next meeeting. However after a general discussion a vote was taken immediately and the proposal was accepted unanimously. There will not be no meeting in January 2019 and the AGM will be in April.

WS asked if he should go ahead with the first aid course and it was agreed.

AB (Minutes) had leaflets on Carers Leeds and gave details of a radio programme which will feature a fundraiser and carers and staff,

MD thanked everyone for attending and DJ for the buffet.

Photos were taken for inclusion in the album.

Meeting Closed 12.50pm

Next meeting 27th July 2018