Peter Allen

Ann Blackwell

Margaret Wilkinson

Dave Taylor



MD welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for attending.

He asked the we remember Mavis O'Leary who had passed away.

During 2018 the group had an influx of new members and enjoyed successful activites.

The Monday walks are becoming increasingly popular with 30 plus walkers on many of the walks.

There were four coach trips to Whitby, Chester, Burnby Hall and Ogden Water. All coaches were full and trips enjoyed by everyone.

Also the regular train trip to Morecambe was attended by 30 plus walkers and all enjoyed the day.

The Green Bag continues to be photographed in many places, this year in Bulgaria, Russia, Malta, New York, Norway, Rome the Caribbean and various places in the UK.

The Facebook website, Friends of West Leeds Walking Group has a link to the E-voice website and CS regularly updates information for all walks.

MD thanked the committee members for all the work that goes on in the background to keep the group running smoothly and successfully.


AW provided a printout of the balance sheet.

AW pointed out that this was a 15 month balance sheet 1 January 2018 to 31 March 2019 because the A.G.M had been moved from January to April.

Balance £2532.46

This is £32.33 more than 31 March 2018 but £154.00 less than 31 December 2018.

This vindicates the decision last year not to increase prices for coach trips.

93 walkers received £10 per person towards their Christmas dinners.

The charities last year were Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Carers Leeds, each received £200.

AW asked if there were any questions and as there were none the balance sheet was accepted by BT and seconded by JM.


BS thanked everyone involved with organising walks and functions and said what a successful year we have had.

BS informed the meeting that the Christmas meal at Napoleons Casino had been booked for 42 people and the deposit paid. He asked that anyone wishing to go should let him know as soon as possible as 42 looked like the maximum Napoleons could cope with. The menu is not available yet but as soon as it is he will distribute it.

The Summer programme is ready and has been sent to the printers. It has been sent early as this is he first time we have used this Printer and we need to know everything is ok with them.

The family of the late Mavis O'Leary expressed their gratitude for those who attended her funeral.

Any Other Business from 2018/2019

Thanks from BS and Aw to all involved in the running and organising what was a very successful Anniversary Walk and function. 60 members were catered for and 75 members attended. MM thanked DJ and her "apprentices" for the catering which was to the usual high standard.

Special thanks to the lady from Dennison Hall for stepping in to run the bingo.


All Management Officers were voted back in. No Change.

Walk Leaders

All walk leaders voted back in with the addition of Brian Morley and Barry Shaw.


JC informed the meeting that SA TK MW and DT were stepping down from the committee. 

WP was proposed and accepted as a new committee member.

BS asked for clarification of the senior members list as it was now becoming quite lengthy and some names had been on it for years.  After some discussion 17 names were removed for the list leaving 19 still on it.

Monthly Wanders

All monthly wanders were well attended and enjoyed by everyone. The coach trips to Whitby, Burnby Hall, Chester and Ogden Water were very successful as was the trip to Morecambe on the train.

Walk Review

MD stated that Monday walks were always varied and usually included a pub or cafe. Many members treat the Monday walk as a day out.

New ideas for Monday and Wednesday walks are always welcome.

On the regular walks Tuesday to Friday, leaders try to have a change of scene by going further afield.

AW asked that the walk leaders on regular walkas write down details of walks for the "library" kept by herself BS and MD.

E questioned the details about the Nostell Priory walk and AW explained about the return by bus or train. BS pointed out that it was stated that further details would be available on the next programme.

Any Other Business.

AW advised that we have 2k in the bank which gains no interest.  She suggested that the coach prices for 2019 remain at £10/£15.  This was unaminously accepted.

AW also proposed increasing the groups donation towards members Christman meals to £12 each. A total £186 extra.  This was unaminously accepted.

After some discussion it was decided that the nominated charities for the year would be Yorkshire Air Ambulance, and following a suggestion ny RC, Haven Breast Cancer Care.  This was accepted by the majority of members.  It was also advised thatmwalk leaders should advertise the charities.


MD declared the meeting over at 12.43










































26 October 2018










MD welcomed everyone to the meeting.


AW reported on the finances and the balance was £91.68 less than this time last year.  Following the September and October coach trips we had a slight profit of £15 confirming it was the correct decision not to put up prices.


BS pointed out that WEST LEEDS WALKING GROUP EST 2004 is now an independent, stand alone walking group which is no longer affiliated to any other organisation or group.  Because we are now an independent walking group we can now make our own rules.  BS proposed that new walk leaders should not have to attend a walk leaders course but instead suggested that anyone who had led two walks under the supervision of an experienced walk leader and shown that they are competent to lead should become an official walk leader.  Walk leaders who have taken over in the new regime have already qualified and this would apply to any new people who wish to become a walk leader.  BS believes that for insurance purposes the old regime was limited to 3 mile walks.   However the current insurance company has no interest in the length of walks but because we advertise walks at 3 and 5 miles the programme will state the length of any walk longer than 3 miles.

BS asked for a vote on the proposal for walk leaders and the proposal was unanimously agreed. BS and CS had worked on an achievement certificate for walk leaders and these were handed out to all new walk leaders.

BS confirmed that the Christmas Cracker was going ahead on 14 December.  Regarding Napoleons Christmas Lunch, BS pointed out that there were still some payments outstanding and he would be grateful for settlement as soon as possible.


AW had now compared coach prices following our disappointment with Tetleys when we were let down last minute because the 52 seater was not available. However Tetleys were quoting much cheaper than their competitors e.g. Chester Tetleys £480, Fourways £625, Star £500. We now get 10% discount with Tetleys. Also on our last two trips we have had many good comments regarding the driver.  In view of the above a vote was taken and it was unaminously agreed to stick with Tetleys.

 AW proposed changing the pick-up point for coach trips to the layby at Armley Leisure Centre. There is a limited waiting time on Armley Town Street which is a very busy road.  JC also pointed out that there are toilet facilities at the Leisure Centre.  It was unaminously agreed that this was a good idea and MD requested that Farsley walkers been informed.  It will be noted on the programme.

BS asked if everyone was happy to remain on the committee.  MM and SA, who were present at the meeting, said they would like to step down.  It was pointed out that MW DT and IR, who were not at the meeting, no longer went on any walks and maybe it was time for them to leave the committee.  This will be confirmed at the AGM on 26 April

MD asked if there were any ideas for the 15th Anniversary.  JC suggested we go on a short walk from Armley Park followed by refreshments at Denison Hall.  JE suggested a picnic- but this would be reliant on weather conditions.  DJ suggested a proper party with a DJ at Denison Hall but in the end it was felt that background music would be preferable.  A vote was taken and the idea of a local walk followed by Denison Hall on 10 April 2019 would suit best.   People that did not want to walk could go straight to the Hall.   MD asked HH and BT to let their groups know. JM will sort the music ; DJ assisted by SB, will provide the food; BS to book the room for 12pm to 3pm that day.

The lady at Denison Hall said if there were enough attending the party it would be possible to open the bar in the concert room.

AW suggested BS provide free tickets so we have an idea of numbers. AW also suggested further publicity on the website and the programme.

JE proposed an orange sash quoting "15 years and still going". This would be an advert for our group.  She would also look into the idea of the media taking a photo. AW said that printing could be expensive.  A vote was taken which was not unaminous but in the majority. AW requested a floating fund for the publicity sash and this was agreed at £150.  JE and AB will look into the price for 200 meters of ribbon.


Everyone felt that Chester and Ogden Water had been successful. TK had not seen the photos on the website.  MD said he was looking to use Facebook "Friends of West Leeds Walking Group" which would make viewing of photos easier.

The Group is still looking for ideas for coach trips. JC pointed out that while we always tried to accommodate suggestions not everthing was viable because of the distance and cost, also the Morecambe trip in February 2019 will go ahead provided the Northern Rail offer is on as usual. 


MD and JC had secured six new bags for walk leaders at £17 each (originally £50) together with printed covers at £5 each.  These were distributed to BT RG HH DC BS and JC.

MD had a telephone call from Tony Mullen who is Coordinator for Healthy Living Park, who some Friday walkers had met while on a walk in Gotts Park. Having been told we were an independent group Tony suggested an amalgamation. MD declined the idea but said that we would welcome people who wanted to join us.  MD has sent Tony some leaflets.

Everything is in place for the Christmas Cracker. DJ will do food and quizzes etc will be as usual.

MD asked if we could mke sure everyone is informed of coach trips.


MD thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting at 1pm.



A.G.M. 26TH APRIL 2019 






Denison Hall Social Club

Friday 27th July 2018










MD, Chair, welcomed everyone to the meeting. 



BS mentioned that new membership forms due to the new data protection act had been distributed and JC said she was waiting for the return of completed forms from Farnley.   RG said he had them for her.



AW reported that the balance was very healthy and similar to Summer 2017. 

Charity collection which included the coach trip raffle and one weeks raffle money from all the groups was £105. 

AW asked for a decision on the amount to be donated to the two charities. A unanimous vote was taken to award £200 to both charities, YAA and Carers Leeds. 

Coach trips made a loss of £65 (less than 2017). This includes two times £25 for the driver. A decision to continue with the same charges for coach trips was unaminously agreed. Expediture from club funds for the train to Whitby and entrance fee to Burnby Hall was -Train 44 x £2.80 = £123.20. Burnby Hall 47 x £4.10= £192.70.

JC said that the charity collections weren't "pushed" during the week.  BS advised that it was up to the individual committe members to inform the group



BS announced that there would be a Red Cross First Aid course after the meeting. He also said that the Napoleons Christmas dinner had been booked for 10th December 2018 at 12.30pm.

He reminded the group that names would be required for the October meeting if amyone does not wish to carry on as a committee member or management and that the names are also required if anyone wishes to take on any of the available roles.



JC asked if everyone waa happy to continue with the Morecambe trip and all agreed to continue going their as long as the Northern Rail offer/tokens were available.

No negative feedback was received for any of the wanders and everyone had enjoyed them all.

It was decided that walkers would only be able to receive a refund if they had to cancel a trip if the seat was sold to someone else. JC said there was a waiting list for the Whitby trip and everyone got on as there had been cancellations.

HH said that the Whitby trip was sold out before the Farnly group knew about it. JC pointed out that HH and RG knew about the trip from the last meeting and that 11 walkers from Farnley/Wortley had attended.

AW pointed out that at each meeting BS produced a list of the following programme's wanders so that all walk leaders and committee members had advance notice of them.

JC said that two people had already enquired about the Chester trip but that won't be organised until after the Selby trip.

MD suggested that on the normal Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday walks it would be a good idea to vary the walks by having "away days"  BT said this already happens on Farsley walks when the usual coffee stop is unavilable.

The wanders for the next programme are:

October - Ogden Water - Two walks

November - Hemsworth Water Park



Tetley's coaches for wanders. AW said Tetley's were becoming unreliable.  The 52 seater was "offroad" at the last minute so Angela organised a 51 seater with toilet.  She was then informed that only a 49 seater with toilet was avaliable. As this was short notice Tetley's offered to allow one person to sit on the "flying" seat at the front. AW felt this was unacceptable and not a proper seat.  AW asked if we should make enquires with an alternative coach company.   It was decided to obtain quotes for the September and October wanders so that these can be compared with the prices already obtained from Tetley's.   A decision will be made at the next meeting based on these prices.

MD asked if any had suggestions for future wanders. AB suggested the seaside and JC and BS said they already have a walk for Scarborough.

JC suggested that a small committee meet up again to discuss this as it was successful last year and this was agreed.

CS asked how we could celebrate the 15th aniversary of the walking group. AW asked if printed Tshirts would be welcome again to celebrate the anniversary but this was rejected and a party after the meeting was suggested. What to do to be decided at the next weeting.

RG said he had booked the Cornmill for Wednesday 19th December for up to 60.  Details are required in advance for vegetarian, vegan or salmon.

RG also asked if his worn backpack could be replaced by the club or if he should cover the cost himself. AW said that the walk leaders should not have to pay and MD had agreed to source the orange backpacks similar to the ones already in use.

HH has details of a company in Bramley who personalise these items

HH asked how much the subsidy would be to go towards the Christmas meals and AW said she saw no reason why the usual £10 would decrease.  A vote was taken and it was decided to continue with the £10 subsidy.

MD reminded the group that he had copies of the photo album and could people collect them asap.

MD thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting at 12.45.



Date of next meeting 

Friday 26th October 2018