Shopping Locally

Why I love Dibden Purlieu village!

Since joining WaterCAN, we have all been thinking about what simple changes, we can all make. I know I definitely want to  reduce the amount of both black bag and clear sack refuse collected from my house. This is how I have succeeded and found there is better ways to shop than just supermarkets.

 I now shop, almost entirely from my village and its small local businesses.  I can walk and collect goods.   Having to carry them home makes you think about cutting down on bulk buying and packaging to dispose of.

One of my favourite places to shop now is from “Sue’s Sales”.   A house in  Beaulieu road.  A local farm brings, daily laid, fresh eggs.  The packaging here means you can take your egg boxes and have them refilled.    

 There are delicious home made jams, local Hythe honey, knitted items, bespoke individual wood crafts, healthy plants all on sale.  They open Tuesday, Friday and Saturday mornings 10-1 pm

The hugely popular fresh fruit and veg market is ran by Sam and her family.   Nearly all goods are sold loose and unpackaged.   This means if you only want 1 or 2 bananas or apples etc it is no problem.  Take your bags if you wish and no need for packaging at all. Reduce on food waste and packaging. 

 The stall has a big fan club because they give a personal service carrying boxes and bags to your car if need.  Open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 7.30am to 1 pm.

Sam’s business prides its conscientious efforts to fold down boxes ready to take back to the wholesale  market and refill.

Recently I regained my enjoyment of meat. In Dibden Purlieu we are so lucky to have the family ran  butchers, Sargents, ran by Jonty and his family.   I love the full range of local produce, but the sausages, bacon and free range fresh chicken are all fabulous.   I love it that the meat is prepared and sold fresh and free of plastic packaging.   The quality is superb.   So much better taste and price too.   The personal service is very good and appreciated by their customers. 

The friendly service of all this village’s businesses makes you feel the “personal” touch is not lost.

In the village we also have the best hairdressers, a barber, and beauty salon. Joynors provides all our DIY and more.  There is a bathroom shop, surfers shop, post office, chemist, garage and one of the busiest independent charity shops you could wish for. All the village cafes are well loved so come along down and experience these local delights for yourselves!

Cllr Stephanie Osborne

20:17, 03 Aug 2023 by Helen Capstick


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