Tudor Allotment Association (TAA)

Tudor Allotment Association (TAA)

Trial Period

The planning, development and ongoing maintenance of a productive allotment requires commitment in both time and effort, which some newcomers may under-estimate and be unable to give.

We therefore offer allotments provisionally for a three month trial  period. During this trial period, we monitor progress at the end of each month.

If, in the view of TAA committee members, you are not making good progress, we may, at any time during these three months, end your trial period.

We would require you to return our TAA main gate key in return for your £30 main gate key deposit.

We would then re-let the plot to the next person on the waiting list.

Trial period rents will not be returned.

Conditions of Letting

  1. Plots should be used solely for gardening and must be kept free of weeds, rubbish and long grass. Unwanted plant material should be composted and dug in to minimise the use of bonfires. Rubbish should not be brought on to the site. Roads and paths between abutting plots must not be encroached upon.

  2. Plot holders must not cause nuisance to other plot holders or to occupiers of adjacent property with bonfires, which must be fully extinguished before leaving the site. (Bonfires are banned between 1st April and 31st October)

  3. Annual rents are payable in advance at a time and place appointed by the Committee, who may re-let plots for which rents have not been paid after 40 days of the appointed date.

  4. Plots cannot be transferred or sub-let without the agreement of the Committee.

  5. The Committee reserves the right to revise the conditions pertaining to the letting of plots, including re-measuring.

  6. The Committee may issue a notice to plot holders whose plots are not kept in a satisfactory condition to surrender them.

  7. In the interests of security access gates must be locked on entry and exit from the site.

June 2023
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