What have we done so far?

  • We've held open meetings for potential users and stakeholders, to gather ideas and support, and collected Expressions of Interest.
  • We've set up this website and a Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/groups/topokut/.
  • We've had positive meetings with Kingston Councillors from both main parties, 3 Council leaders, and relevant Council officers.
  • We've met with other Kingston community groups, including some that are also interested in developing community hubs (and found little or no overlap with our proposals).
  • We've attended a conference and read up on "the death of the High Street".
  • We've visited other arts/environmental/community centres to see how they work.
  • We've written, published and disseminated a Prospectus, also available on this website here.
  • We've researched possible sources of funding and expertise, and we awarded a small Neighbourhood Grant from Kingston Council to cover printing, postage and other admin costs, up to recently carried by members of the steering group.
  • We've viewed the former Sorting Office and the former Main Post Office building.
  • We've met with the new owners (subject to planning permission), developer St George and visited and responded to their exhibitions in the Sorting Office and pre-planning onsultations in 2014.
  • We made a brief response to the planning application in early 2015, and attended a couple of relvant Council planning meetings in 2015.
  • We re-iterated our comments when St George submitted an revised planning application in January 2016.


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