Our comments on the planning application, Jan 2015 & Jan 2016

We have restricted our comments on successive planning applications to our remit, which was always to secure community space in the Old Post Office building(s) if we could. Members of the consortium and other supporters will have very varied opinions on St George's plans for the rest of the site and your comments* may well be far longer than ours, which we hope represent a consensus:

"We welcome plans to conserve and bring into use the two Grade-2-listed buildings on the site, and the offer of the two upper floors in the former main post office building, including one large room, to the community for community use. While local community, arts and environmental groups could probably use yet more space in this this town centre venue, we know that we could make good use of what is on offer and help to bring this neglected building back to life. Much will depend, of course, on the building being brought up to a usable state, access, affordability, promotion and the relationship of community tenants and hirers with the ground floor tenant; some of this is outside planning considerations but we hope will be taken into account in due course and when relevant."


* If you'd like to comment on the planning application, it is very easy at http://www6.kingston.gov.uk/propertyServices/planning/Details?caseno=1413247, so please do!

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